Residential Business

With a track record of about 50 years in the Residential Business, we are not only involved in new development, redevelopment, and reconstruction projects in domestics and overseas, but has also built a value chain that meets all housing-related needs, including sales, brokerage for sale, purchase, and lease, and management.

Property, comfort, and joy of living
Value management that maximizes the value of housing

We emphasizes the values required for housing, such as high asset value, comfortable living, and joy of living.
We help every customer to obtain, maintain, and enhance their value while staying close to their diversifying lifestyles.


The Parkhouse

Under the brand name of “The Parkhouse”, we are expanding our business nationwide and maintaining the number of condominium units supplied in the industry's top class. We provide high-value-added housing that becomes an “asset” for residents and the city through total production from land acquisition to product planning, sales, and after-sales service.


The Parkhouse Nishi-Shinjuku Tower 60

It is a super high-rise tower apartment with the highest number of floors in Japan at Nishi-Shinjuku, which is developing as a residential area.
We have developed common spaces such as ENGAWA, an exchange space with the theme of “porch”, and provide area community programs that connect residents and the surrounding area.
Completion: July 2017 (already sold)

The Parkhouse Kobe Tower

Aiming to preserve, revitalize, and inherit historical buildings, the tower was built by establishing a “method for safely preserving” historical buildings that were considered difficult to maintain and preserve. We use 3D scanning to reproduce the design drawings and restore the existing exterior walls using the “Namatori Construction Method”, in which stones are put back together.
Completion: November 2019 (already sold)

The Parkhouse Kyoto Kamogawa Gosho Higashi

Located on the east side of the Kyoto Gosho and facing the west bank of the Kamogawa River, this is a rare location for the first time in 11 years that the condominium has been supplied. It features an exterior design that inherits Japanese architecture and a landscape and common spaces design that reflects the aesthetics of Kyoto.
Completion: March 2017 (already sold)

Rental Apartments

The Parkhabio

We provide high-quality rental apartment in witch we make maximum use of the know-how and networks by unifying various functions such as land acquisition, product planning, and construction work with the condominium Residential Business. We are also developing “The Park Habio SOHO,” a series of high-quality rental apartments equipped with comfortable style lounges (coworking space).


The Parkhabio Shibuya Cross

Located at the intersection of Kyu-Yamate-dori, which has the sophistication of Daikanyama, and Route 246. It is fully equipped with a variety of common facilities that stimulate the sense of fun, such as an open shared lounge with a two-story atrium and a theater room, as well as a concierge service by professional staff.

The Parkhabio SOHO Otemachi

A high-quality rental apartment with a style lounge (coworking space) which we merge "living" and "working" within a 0-minute walk. We propose a new lifestyle that makes business and private seamless.

Total Support

Mitsubishi Jisho Residence Club, a member service for customers, provides one-stop total support for all housing needs across the entire Mitsubishi Estate Group. In order to provide our customers with better housing and lifestyles, from searching for housing to after moving in, we are implementing a wide range of services such as housing-related consultation desks and various preferential treatment.


With the know-how we have cultivated through our track record of managing more than 300,000 condominiums, we provide a variety of services that are one step ahead of the rest, not limited to the security and safety of homes.


Mitsubishi Estate's Housing Relay is our group 's buying and selling brokerage and rental brand. Our professionals will sincerely respond to your requests such as wanting to sell, buy, rent, or borrow a home. We work closely with our customers' minds, connecting not only their home but also minds to realize their ideal relocation.

Custom-build home

From listening to your dreams and lifestyle about your home, to checking the site, layout, design, and interior, we provide total coordination for all aspects of your home. We support the diversifying lives of each individual and give shape to their ideal homes. In order for our customers to live in their own way in this ever-changing era, we will carefully respond to their wishes and add new appeal to their homes. We will continue to provide homes that will continue to be loved for generations to come.


In addition to the track record we have accumulated through custom-made homes and the know-how unique to a management company that is well versed in condominiums, we utilize the many “living ideas” that our group has accumulated by listening to customer feedback. We propose ideal renovation plans that match various lifestyles with our track record of advanced facilities and usage and new ideas for housing.

Building Renovation

We will make effective use of the approximately 200,000 existing properties we have provided over the past 60 years, and propose new options to our customers. Through our three businesses of buying condominiums, renovating and selling them, we are connecting people to people and contributing to the long-term sustainability of people, homes, and towns into the future.

New services in the Residential Business


Housekeeping service “30min.”

It is a casual housekeeping service that can be used for a short time and pinpoint in units of 30 minutes. A housekeeper will patrol the condominium area, and you can ask for pinpoint housework that you have requested, such as "bath only" or "kitchen only" in a short time.

Co-living business “Hmlet Japan”

Hmlet Japan is a “Co-living” rental housing that expands your network just by living and enriches your lifestyle and career. It can be used from 1 month, and all rooms have contracts for electricity, gas, water, and Wi-Fi. You can choose a plan with or without furniture, and you can start a comfortable new life from the day you move in.

Apartment management support app KURASEL

Classel is an app for management associations that makes complex condominium management tasks easier. We offer a wide range of options, from self-management plans using apps to plans that leave everything to the management company. We will propose a plan that is perfect for your apartment.

Strategic Perspective of the Mitsubishi Estate Group

You can live more conveniently and happily
We realize IoT cooperation across manufacturers! Comprehensive smart home service “HOMETACT”

Our goal is to create a new lifestyle and community that fuses offline and online. HOMETACT is a new smart home service that was developed in-house by leveraging the knowledge of our group and is easy to introduce into Japanese living environments.

The service is not only easy to use for the end user's, but also easy to introduce for business users and partner companies. In addition to presenting solutions to the barriers to the introduction of smart homes in the domestic market from the perspective of a comprehensive developer, we started with a strong minds to create a new lifestyle that has never existed before.

By expanding services through collaboration with Real Estate Tech and In House Service, we will establish a smart infrastructure that supports all aspects of life with HOMETACT as the starting point.