Office Business

Our main business is to develop, operate and manage office buildings with cutting-edge functionality in major business areas nationwide, centered on Marunouchi area. Through development and operation, we are promoting urban development that enhances the appeal of the entire area.

Taking advantage of the "Forward-Looking DNA" that has been handed down from generation to generation,
promoting an Office Business unique to the our group

We currently own and manage about 30 office buildings in Marunouchi area, where our company originated. While responding to people's values, work styles, and needs that change with the times, we are developing office business in major cities in Japan by leveraging our track record of continuous urban development.

Through development utilizing know-how,
Contributing to improving the value of the area

The development, leasing, and operation and management of office buildings are core businesses that we have been working on for more than 100 years since our founding. Utilizing the experience and know-how that we have cultivated over many years, we contribute to improving the value of the area through attractive development.

Images of Umekita phase 2 Development

Through cross-departmental cooperation,
Leveraging strengths unique to the Group

Our group's strength is that it is possible to aggregate the opinions and information of various stakeholders through mutual cooperation among different sections such as development, leasing, and operation management. We are working on the office business from a long-term perspective with an eye to the future while making the most of the relationships of trust we have built with many customers.

msb tamachi

Leading a work style that continues to change with the times

In conjunction with the diversification of work styles and lifestyles, the nature of the city is also changing from moment to moment. While valuing our basic mission of contributing to society through urban development, we will propose new work styles that meet diverse needs and take on the challenge of creating added value.

Propose a work style that allows flexible choice of location and time

In response to COVID-19, the way people work has rapidly changed. As we transition from coming to the office every day to hybrid work that includes working from home and remotely, we are promoting initiatives such as xLINK and other flexible offices as part of urban development in the post-corona era.


Promoting a system that can create innovation throughout the erea

Based on Marunouchi area, we want to create and nurture next-generation industries. We promote collaboration by providing offices for start-up companies. At the same time, we are promoting an ecosystem that creates new value throughout the area.

innovation creation images

Providing products that meet diverse client needs as work styles change

Tokiwabashi Tower

The best human performance for all working people every day

Tokiwabashi Tower

It opened in 2021 as the first project of "TOKYO TORCH'' in front of Tokyo Station under the project vision of " bringing light and energy to Japan". As a space where people can feel the value of connecting people, we will set up a cafeteria lounge exclusively for workers, and make use of various services such as reservations using the worker app to enrich "work". .

CIRCLES series

An office that connects people, minds, and stories

CIRCLES series

Now that remote work and telecommuting have become commonplace, the compact office series “CIRCLES” creates a “place to work together”. Although they are compact, it is fully equipped with the security and specifications required for offices. We are proposing a new type of office where you can work, have meetings, and refresh yourself in just the right amount of space.

Inspired Lab

A place where cutting-edge technology companies gather and new businesses are born


Inspired.Lab, a community office for startups with high technology in the AI, IoT, and robotics fields and the new business development departments of large companies, gathers people and companies who aspire to innovate. Through business exchanges and various workshops by gathered members, a place to create and nurture new businesses is currently being created.

Strategic Perspective of the Mitsubishi Estate Group

Innovation-creating workation

Turn the entire town into a workplace and life stage.
Set up a flexible work space for ten different people.

We are promoting the provision of various workspaces and plans for accompanying services under the slogan of “From 280,000 workers × 8 hours to 1 million diverse workers × optimal time, a city where people interact”.

From services for individuals such as ``Telecube'', a private work booth, to ``xLINK'', a serviced office brand with a variety of shared spaces, to flexible contracts for large-scale offices, you can choose the optimal work style that suits you. can.

In addition to Marunouchi area, we operate “WORK×ation Site” that allows remote work as well as vacation in 5 locations nationwide such as Karuizawa and Nanki Shirahama.
They are expected as an office specializing in innovation creation, where conversations and inspiration that do not occur in everyday life.