New Business Creation

In addition to working to New Business Creation that lead to innovation in business models, we are creating mechanisms for New Business Creation and working on open innovation.

Beyond the framework of the real estate industry,
create a wide variety of new businesses on your own

Through various collaborations, such as investing in domestic and overseas startups and VCs, forming a startup ecosystem centered on the Marunouchi area, and creating mechanisms for open innovation, we are taking on the challenge of innovating business models. We have set seven focus areas and are striving to New Business Creation.

Focus Areas Investment Targets  In-house new business
Renewable energy
Infrastructure, public and private partnerships (PPPs), and private finance initiatives (PFIs)
Real estate-related services
Content, Entertainment, and Sports

Tourism, Inbound-related businesses, and Regional revitalization

Healthcare and Food


Entering the Sustainable Agriculture Business

We are working on sustainable agricultural businesses to solve various issues surrounding agriculture and food. For example, we aim to provide a stable supply of agricultural products through investments in Sara Co., Ltd., a major facility-based agricultural company.

“Ecofani” breathes new life into furniture that has finished its role

We collect office furniture that is no longer needed due to layout changes, etc. from companies, and after inspection and cleaning, display and sell reused furniture at our showroom/warehouse “Yurakucho Base”. At the same time as expanding products and services that support diverse work styles, we will work to realize a society that does not throw things away and promote ethical consumption activities.

An elevator becomes a theater.
New Media "Elecinema"

In 2019, spacemotion Co., Ltd. was established jointly with Tokyo Co., Ltd. We are developing an elevator media business (elecinema business) that distributes video content in elevators. By combining real estate know-how and digital technology, we are working to create new value and functions in real estate by “using gaps to eliminate gaps” and to further improve customer experience.

Discover business needs inside and outside the company,
creating a framework for New Business Creation

Mitsubishi Estate Group New Business Proposal System "MEIC"

The new business proposal system, which was launched within Mitsubishi Estate in 2009, has received 130 applications so far, and has produced initiatives that contribute to the diversification of the our group 's earnings and the strengthening of its core business. From 2021, “MEIC*” will be launched, expanding the target to include group employees, in light of the rapidly changing business environment. We encourage employees to take on challenges with the goal of promoting innovation across the Group.
*Mitsubishi Estate Group Innovation Challenge

Implementation of accelerator program

Implemented the “Accelerator Program” with the aim of reforming business models and creating innovation. We are looking for start-up companies to become partners who will work together to tackle issues and provide new value to society, and we will proceed with efforts toward commercialization.

Strategic Perspective of the Mitsubishi Estate Group

Launch of "BRICKS FUND TOKYO" aiming for "co-creation of growing industries"

In March 2022, we established the CVC “BRICKS FUND TOKYO by Mitsubishi Estate” to invest in startups that take on the challenge of creating medium- to long-term social impacts, such as resolving social issues and transforming industrial structure.

Based on the three investment themes of “new lifestyles,” “paradigm shift in existing industries,” and “sustainability,” this fund will actively invest in areas where significant growth is expected in the future and leverage our group's management base. We aim to “co-create growth industries” through social implementation support such as sales support, implementation of demonstration experiments in the OMY area, etc., and promotion of business co-creation and collaboration.

Amid growing attention to startups as the driving force behind the creation of new industries, we are also strengthening our open innovation initiatives with the aim of creating essential value for the next generation. We will continue to support the challenging spirit of startups while maintaining the DNA that has supported the industrial development of Japan centering on Marunouchi since the Meiji period.