Collaborative Creation

We aim to create value together with our partners in urban development.

 By collaborating with our partners,
we aim to create new business opportunities and value,
  and are looking for partner companies that have
 unique and competitive content.

Image Collaborative creation

Accompanying for realization of collaboration

We have a dedicated team that matches the contents and know-how of partner companies with the business of Mitsubishi Estate Group, and will accompany you in demonstration experiments and service planning and development to realize collaboration.

System chart for promotion of collaborative creation

Abundant resources of Mitsubishi Estate

  1. We will provide our diverse business domains and asset types as fields of collaboration.
  2. It is possible to expect expansion to “cities” and “areas” nationwide, including Marunouchi and Minato Mirai.
  3. You can take advantage of the extensive customer network of Mitsubishi Estate Group.

Target value creation

We aim to create two types of value through collaboration with partner companies that have unique content and know-how.

01Improvement of experience value

  • activity
  • sports
  • pet

We respond to diverse needs by collaborating with partners who have solutions that enrich people's experiences and lives, such as art, pets, sports, entertainment, amusement, and leisure.

02Solving social issues​ ​

  • education
  • health care
  • Environment/SDGs

We aim to solve social issues by collaborating with partners who have solutions for themes such as education, healthcare, food, the environment, and SDGs.

Collaborative Creation Case 1
GREATEST DAY Co., Ltd. x Shin-Marunouchi Bldg. Office and Commercial Complex Introducing a "Fixed-in Breastfeeding Booth" to the Commercial Zone

Freestanding breastfeeding booth


We began considering collaboration after receiving an inquiry from GREATEST DAY Co., Ltd., which develops and operates the stationary nursing booth "Babypeko." Aiming to improve convenience for families with children who visit our facilities, Collaborative Creation Sales Department took the lead in building a business promotion system with the company and group companies and internal related departments, including Mitsubishi Jisho Property Management Co., Ltd. manages the operation and management of our properties. Collaborative Creation Sales Department also accompanied discussions on selecting the location and sorting out issues related to implementation, and we were able to install two "Babypeko" nursing booths with locks that allow users to enter and exit with their strollers on the first basement floor of Shin-Marunouchi Bldg..

Comments from partner company

We first met Mitsubishi Estate when we applied to HP's partner company recruitment. They understood our argument that it is necessary to increase the number of locked nursing rooms as part of the social infrastructure for the future child-rearing generation, including the environment surrounding nursing rooms and the importance of private rooms with locks, and we started a collaborative program. We are very happy to have taken the first step towards our dream of "installing locked nursing booths all over the country" together with Mitsubishi Estate. We look forward to continuing to work with various companies to create new value.

Freestanding breastfeeding booth

Collaborative creation case ②
Seibu Pet Care Co., Ltd. × Sendai Royal Park Hotel  “Accommodation Plan for Staying with Your Dog”

Co-creation with Seibu Pet Care


Focusing on the recent growth potential of the pet-related market, we approached the highly specialized Seibu Pet Care Co., Ltd. about collaborating. In order to increase the value of Hotel Business, we developed a plan with the company to incorporate the need for guests to stay with their pets. Collaborative Creation Sales Department plays a central role in building a business promotion structure with Hotel Business Department, Tohoku Branch, and group company Mitsubishi Estate Hotels & Resorts Co., Ltd. The group's first "accommodation plan where you can stay with your dog" was launched at Sendai Royal Park Hotel.

Comments from partner company

When we visited the site for the first time, we immediately had an image of staying with my dog in a warm and relaxing space in a garden full of greenery. Also, instead of creating something new, we felt that the added value is that you can stay at this hotel as before without stress even if you bring your pet dog. In this project, we will focus on software and service aspects rather than hardware, and pay attention not to make general customers feel uneasy or uncomfortable, and to create a system that can relieve the anxiety of employees and welcome customers with satisfaction. As a result of everyone involved working together, we are happy that our dog-lover customers were pleased.

Accommodation with pets

Collaborative Creation Case 3
Beer the First Co., Ltd. x Disaster preparedness food for people who were stranded Production of "Loop Marunouchi" beer made from recycled food that is nearing its expiration date

Loop Marunouchi


The effective use of disaster prevention food stockpiles, which are replaced whenever they reach their expiration date, was considered. Collaborative Creation Sales Department contacted Beer the First, a company that makes beer using food that is nearing its expiration date. After repeated discussions, they matched with the relevant department within the Group that manages the stockpiled food and established a business promotion system. Collaborative Creation Sales Department carefully accompanied and promoted the project from its launch to its realization, resulting in the production and sale of the original upcycled beer "Loop Marunouchi." The finished beer is sold in stores in Marunouchi area, used at events, and used as a sales novelty for Mitsubishi Estate Group. Discussions are continuing toward new collaborations even after this project is realized.

Comments from partner company

Mitsubishi Estate contacted us when we sent out a press release about our upcycled beer. At first, I wondered what was going on, but when we met and had a meeting, they enthusiastically explained the issues with disaster stockpiles. We thought that our technology could help solve the issues, and so we started working on making craft beer from disaster stockpiles. After many meetings, we actually brewed a prototype and held a tasting event, and decided that this was a quality that would satisfy our customers, so we decided to commercialize it. This collaboration between a major company and a venture company attracted attention and was featured in many media outlets. We would like to create a world where many customers can enjoy reducing food waste through craft beer.

Loop Marunouchi