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We aim to contribute to the region, Japan, and the world
by pursuing meaningful urban development that is truly required by society.

Atsushi Nakajima President & Chief Executive Officer Executive Officer Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd.

Guided by its commitment to establishing Marunouchi as Japan’s flagship business center, the Mitsubishi Estate Group has spent over 130 years evolving the area into a world-leading business center since embarking on the development of what had been unused fields. During this time, the Group has navigated various eras and crises, including wars and earthquakes, Japan’s period of rapid economic growth, and the collapse of the country’s bubble economy. The area’s evolution has truly been a history of creating something new, as if painting a picture on a blank canvas. In the process, the transformation of Marunouchi has driven Japan’s economy and society, such as the development of Tokyo Station and the enhancement of the Imperial Palace.

As times change at an unprecedented speed, keeping pace with such change as well as creating new, forward-looking value have become urgent priorities. I hope to establish the Marunouchi area as not only a business center but also a hub of insight and inspiration where people interact with each other, and a place for various activities such as tourism, culture, and art. I also aim to build an "overwhelmingly attractive space" in the Marunouchi area to communicate the appeal of Japan’s regions, connecting Tokyo with other parts of the country while conveying Japan’s appeal to the world. 

I also recognize the increasing importance of operating on a "global" basis. It is said that we are living in an era of division, but even in that time, I feel that there is a growing need for cross-border interaction and movement of people for various purposes such as business, academic research, sports, and tourism. The Mitsubishi Estate Group is growing its global business and investment management business. In addition to further expanding these businesses, we are also expanding our urban development and in Japan that are conscious of global values and demands in both the hard and soft aspects of our business.

Urban development does not end with the completion of a building. It is crucial to consistently change urban environments in step with the times by enlivening them together with the people who live, work, and visit there. In the current situation where ESG responses are strongly demanded, we believe that understanding the voices of diverse stakeholders, approaching the demands of society, and promoting urban development will lead to the advancement of sustainability and contribution to society.

Throughout its history, the Mitsubishi Estate Group has sought to offer comfortable working and living environments through urban development efforts. As we move forward, we will continue responding flexibly to an ever-changing society to pursue urban development that earns the understanding of people and which is oriented toward visitors and ordinary citizens.

President & Chief Executive Officer Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd.

  Atsushi Nakashima

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how to access

  • Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line
  • Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line
  • Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line
  • Tokyo Metro Tozai Line
  • Toei Mita Line

"Otemachi Station"
C6a exit direct

From the 1st floor entrance lobby, take the elevator for the lower floors (Imperial Palace side) to the 3rd floor.