Business Introduction

Business Content三菱地所の強み

We have expanded our business into a variety of areas by utilizing the unique knowledge and know-how that have been accumulated through urban development centered on the Marunouchi area. By applying the knowledge and know-how newly acquired through these projects to urban development in Marunouchi, we are building a cycle that creates various values through synergistic effects.

Traditions and attitudes of Mitsubishi Estate

Our Long-Term View on Urban Development
 and Forward-Looking DNA

For more than 130 years, Mitsubishi Estate has developed the city of Marunouchi into a major business center, and has the long-term urban development know-how.
We have always provided value that is ahead of the times, such as the development of Japan's first outlet mall and our early entry into the REIT (real estate investment trust) market.
These strengths are the driving force that enables us to take on new challenges in the society of the future.

Advanced urban development centered on Marunouchi

  1. 1 Providing diverse venues

    Utilization of office buildings and spaces that enable diverse working styles such as coworking space, shared offices, satellite offices, etc.

  2. 2Diverse themes and communities

    Creating a system to create a community and exchanges to find colleagues from other industries and multiple occupations and work on issues together

  3. 3Connection and transmission on facilitate in-person connections and communication

    We own about 30 buildings in Marunouchi area, and utilizes the fact that we have been managing the area to create connections throughout the area

  4. 4 Causing creative activity

    In addition to SDGs, promote creative activities and urban development based on empathy with themes such as art x business, community x city center

  5. 5 Realization of digital visions and smart cities

    Working on demonstration experiments and DX to incorporate various advanced technologies, and providing experience value that meets the needs of every person visiting Marunouchi

  6. Scenery of Marunouchi Naka-dori

    Mitsubishi Estate and Marunouchi

BasisCity infrastructure accumulated over 130 years

Expansion into various areas
Value creation cycle
Returning know-how 
acquired in various businesses to the Marunouchi area

A wide variety of asset development

In addition to office buildings and commercial facilities in Marunouchi area, we operate various asset types such as hotels, logistics, and airport management.
We are demonstrating our urban development know-how in each asset type according to the characteristics and demands of the region.

Urban development throughout Japan and overseas

Various know-how accumulated in urban development in Marunouchi is being used in urban development throughout Japan. In addition, we have expanded into overseas regions such as the United States, Europe, and Asia, and are expanding our business area through various models.

Challenging and investing in new businesses

In addition to real estate development, we are challenging new business areas that anticipate the needs of the times. From top runners in each industry to start-up companies, we are collaborating extensively to promote the creation of new businesses.

Our Business 三菱地所の中核事業

  • Office Business

    Our core business is the development and operation management of office buildings in major cities in Japan, mainly in Marunouchi, Tokyo.

  • Retail Facility Business

    Developing and operating various types of commercial facilities according to location characteristics

  • Logistics Facility Business

    In addition to planning and operating logistics facilities, we will also strive to develop new asset classes.

  • Hotel Business

    Actively developing the Hotel Business to play a role in becoming a tourism-oriented country

  • Airport Business

    Promoting the revitalization of the airport and its surrounding areas by leveraging the know-how of Mitsubishi Estate Group

  • Residential Business

    Strengthening cooperation among group companies, from housing development to rental management support

  • International Business

    Expanding globally with a tripolar structure in the United States, Europe, and Asia

  • Investment Management Business

    Globally providing industry-leading investment management services that meet diverse cross-border investment needs

  • Architectural Design & Engineering Business

    An industry-leading organizational design firm with a long history and achievements

  • Real Estate Services

    Attentive to the diverse real estate needs of our clients


Solution & Collaboration共に新たな価値を創造する

In order to respond to the future in this rapidly changing era, we are promoting "customer problem solving" and "collaboration with customers" as a "business partner."

Business Solution
We provide optimal solutions to our customers' issues by combining "all businesses and services" of the Mitsubishi Estate Group and sometimes "resources of external partner companies". VIEW MORE
Collaborative Creation
We aim to create new business opportunities and new value by collaborating and matching "partner companies with unique and competitive content and know-how" with each business of Mitsubishi Estate Group. VIEW MORE


DX Promotion
We aim to acquire new sources of revenue through the use of digital technology, expand revenue and improve productivity by brushing up existing business models and business processes. VIEW MORE
New Business Creation
As a general developer, we aim to new business creation, create systems for it of Mitsubishi Estate Group, and engage in open innovation initiatives. VIEW MORE