DX Promotion

We aim to acquire new sources of revenue through the use of digital technology, expand revenue and improve productivity by brushing up existing business models and business processes.

Mitsubishi Estate's Digital Vision
Achieving new lifestyles and urban development that crosses online and offline

In June 2021, the “Mitsubishi Estate Digital Vision” was formulated with the aim of urban development that makes life easier with DX.
We will expand the points of contact with customers that we have built up online, create an environment where users can freely move between online and offline, and use the data accumulated through this experience to develop and optimize various services for users. I will return. In order to realize our group.

Future urban development envisioned by the Mitsubishi Estate Group

By creating an environment where people and companies gather, meet, and interact, we will evolve the city into a stage where new discoveries and stimuli can be made.
That is the future that the Mitsubishi Estate Group envisions.

New value and experience for users with the power of DX

Comfortable experience in town

Providing UX by building a common authentication ID “Machi Pass”

Log in to various services provided in the town with one common authentication ID. You can receive information and services that are optimized based on data such as usage history and location information, according to your wishes. Each user's experience data is accumulated and returned to better service. We will evolve into a place that provides a rich UX.

Empty-handed, safe and secure “face pass” function

Launched face recognition service “Machi Pass FACE”

For "Machi Pass" members, we have developed “Machi Pass FACE”, a collaboration platform that enables one-stop use of different facial recognition services for each building, facility, and service owned and operated by our company. Utilizing technology that extracts feature points corresponding to each face recognition engine from a single face photo, we will build a platform that bundles multiple face recognition services.

Individually analyze and provide what you want

Personalized customer experience

In order to provide the experience that users truly want, we analyze customer behavior data and location information collected through various online and offline points of contact in a multifaceted manner. We are working to create a system that delivers information and services that are optimally suited to each individual's attributes and preferences.

Aiming to improve productivity within the group, work to strengthen IT infrastructure

Install CCoE function and consult cloud utilization

As the use of cloud-related IT services is expected to increase, there is a need to collect knowledge about cloud utilization and promote cloud utilization smoothly. We have set up a CCoE (Cloud Center of Excellence) within the DX Promotion Department, and we are working on in-house consulting on cloud utilization for group employees, including planning cloud utilization strategies and implementing measures.

Promoting operational reforms through digitization through group collaboration

In response to the need to review work styles and improve operational efficiency, we are promoting the construction of IT infrastructure through the introduction of zero trust. We will implement process innovation for the entire our group with the power of digital, through projects that advance in sophistication, innovation of applications, and digitization/automation promotion projects. By digitizing invoices and automating the collection of sales information, we have achieved a significant reduction in working hours.

Peace of mind and security for digital utilization. Strengthening the cyber security system

In order to strengthen the security of IT systems, we have established a chief information security manager and a security promotion organization. In addition to conducting cross-departmental controls during normal times to ensure that appropriate security measures are implemented, we will take on practical tasks in specialized areas and strengthen security levels.

Strategic Perspective of the Mitsubishi Estate Group

Development of the DX human resource development program “MEDiA (MEC Digital Academy)”

In order to realize the “Mitsubishi Estate Digital Vision,” which aims to create new lifestyles and urban development that fuse offline and online, in October 2022, we will conduct DX human resource development targeting all employees (approximately 10,000 people), including group companies. Established the program "MEDiA (MEC Digital Academy)" and started training.

We have significantly expanded and reorganized the scope and content of training in the digital domain that we have been implementing so far. We will increase the knowledge of all Group employees, and utilize digital technology in their respective duties to provide customers with new value and provide new value. In addition to providing UX, we aim to transform operations, improve efficiency, and utilize data for business and management decisions.

In addition, the online training platform “MEC ACADEMY” was newly established. We will encourage employees to take on new challenges across departments.