Real Estate Services

In addition to real estate brokerage, we provide one-stop solutions to real estate issues, including rental management support and consulting for condominiums and office buildings.

Attentive to the diverse real estate needs of our clients

Utilizing the cooperation of the comprehensive developer group, we will respond to customer needs with a variety of menus.

Real estate sales and rental brokerage business

Leveraging the collaborative capabilities of a comprehensive developer group, we engage in a wide range of services, including support for the purchase, sale and rental of commercial real estate, and consulting on the effective use of real estate, in order to maximize the value and optimal use of real estate.

We support strategic planning and decision-making from a long-term and multifaceted perspective for customers who aim to utilize corporate real estate more effectively and efficiently.

CRE (Corporate Real Estate) Strategy Consulting

"CRE@M" is a real estate web management tool of Mitsubishi Jisho Real Estate Service. An integrated and efficient information management system for companies that handle vast and diverse real estate information.

In addition to improving the efficiency of real estate information management, it contributes to accurate and timely decision-making and response.

Parking lot management business

Parking is an essential part of life. In all processes from consideration and preparation of various parking lots such as coin-operated parking lots and facility-type parking lots to the closing stage, we will implement strategies while meeting the needs of owners such as effective use of real estate and improvement of convenience for facility users. We provide detailed support for strategic decision-making, resolution of various operational issues, and operational management.

Real estate appraisal

We contribute to the strategic decision-making of our customers by evaluating fair and neutral real estate prices and rents based on our group unique quality.
In addition, we provide various services according to customer requests, from detailed appraisal reports to simple research reports, and outline that support direct transactions between professionals.

Strategic Perspective of the Mitsubishi Estate Group

About 350 aces of major real estate companies are registered
TAQSIE where you can find the perfect agent for you

In highly individualized real estate transactions, it is largely dependent on the competence of the broker. However, in the current situation, we cannot choose the person in charge even if we can choose the company.

TAQSIE, a matching site that connects potential buyers and brokers, was created to solve these problems. On the site, experienced brokers selected from each real estate company register their profiles, such as their areas of expertise, years of experience, and contract results. By entering the information of the property that the user wants to sell, it is a service that allows the user to select a broker who best suits their needs.

Our group will clarify issues in real estate transactions, improve transparency, revitalize transactions, and improve future real estate values.