Business solution

We fully utilize the resources of us 
to provide optimal solutions for management issues.

As urban development professionals, 
we provide optimal solutions for our customers' business challenges,
by utilizing our diverse businesses, services and networks.

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Frequently asked problems and solutions

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    I want to review my workplace

    Bringing together the unique know-how of us who have continued to pursue ideal workplaces,
    we support the work style reform of our customers.

    • Support for promoting work style reform through workplace consulting (survey of current situation, analysis, verification of required area, etc.)
    • In addition to proposing relocation destinations,
      we provide one-stop support for real estate concerns related to customer relocation plans.
    Mitsubishi Estate Head Office
    Received the 31st Nikkei New Office Award [Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award]
  • I want to have a new revenue source such as real estate income in addition to the main business                                                                                      

    We support our customers' real estate utilization by using the resources of Mitsubishi Estate Group.  

    • Proposing in various asset type scheme
      such as offices, residences, commercial facilities, hotels, logistics facilities, etc.
    • Creating a real estate revenue base by investing in our profitable properties and REITs and funds formed by group companies.
    • Participation in same-boat type real estate business through joint ventures with us.
    • Value up of real estate by Mitsubishi Estate Group 's unique content

    Increasing value through unique content


    Asset utilization through various asset types

    The Park Habio SOHO Otemachi
    CIRCLES Hirakawacho
  • Efficient promotion of base restructuring

    Such as property surveys ,sales, reconstruction, post-reconstruction management and operation, we can help you with your real estate concerns related to base restructuring.

    • We provide various real estate services such as real estate appraisal business, design and interior design business, income and expenditure simulation, etc.
    • We provide comprehensive real estate consulting for base restructuring.
    • We provide area management and soft town functions (SDGs, DX, community formation, etc.) cultivated through large-scale urban development such as OMY.
    Image of support for base restructuring
  • I want to implement my technology resources in the city

    We will promote matching between each business of Mitsubishi Estate Group and the technology and resources of you.

    • We propose collaboration related to demonstration experiments of advanced technology services in pur business areas and facilities, including OMY.
    • We propose collaboration that make use of your advanced technologies in development projects of Mitsubishi Estate Group.
    Demonstration experiment of autonomous driving in the OMY area
  • I want to promote urban development by utilizing the know-how and resources of private companies. [For educational institutions, local governments, etc.]

    By collaborating with partner companies that have know-how to solve social issues,
    we provide solutions.

    • Utilizing Mitsubishi Estate Group 's mixed-use development and area management know-how,
      we propose optimal solutions, such as urban development centered on medical care, that captures changes in social and demographic structure and regional issues.
    Kagoshima City Transportation Bureau Site Plan “Kirameki Terrace”
  • I want to develop a real estate business overseas

    Utilizing Mitsubishi Estate's global network, we support your overseas expansion and investment in properties.

    • We provide a variety of real estate services that take advantage of our local network with bases in the United States, Europe, and Asia.
    • A broad product lineup that meets diverse cross-border investment needs.
    Warwick Court (Paternoster Square), London, UK

Initiatives for Future Society

Mitsubishi Estate Group is promoting urban development for the future society, such as SDGs and DX.

  • 01SDGs/ESG Management

    Toyosu Front (DBJ Green Building certification), Otemon Tower (achieved ZEB Ready), The Parkhouse Kokubunji Shiki no Mori (ABINC certification)

    Acquisition of real estate environmental certification

    Mitsubishi Estate Group has acquired external real estate environmental certifications such as ZEB and ABINC. We support the reduction of CO2 emissions and the realization of ZEB for the real estate owned by our customers.

    MI Deck (Lumber formwork with rebar arrangement)

    For the purpose of interior woodification in high-rise buildings, we are manufacturing MI decks (lumber formwork with reinforcement) . In addition to providing excellent design of "wood" for RC and steel frame buildings, it enables the reduction of the construction burden and shortening of the construction period.

  • 02DX Promotion

    Introduction of robots to building operation and management

    For the use of robots in the operation and management of your real estate,
    we support the consideration of introduction.

    Elevator projection type media "Elecinema"

     It can project various contents such as owner distribution information in addition tonews, weather forecasts, and sponsored advertisements,
    We aim to improve the satisfaction and convenience of users without any burden on the owner, and support the value increase of the owned real estate.

  • 03Implementation of innovative and unique content

    Plantio Co., Ltd. x Otemachi Bldg rooftop "sky LAB"

    In collaboration with Plantio Co., Ltd., we are using the rooftop of Otemachi Bldg as a "shared community IoT farm".

    Seibu Pet Care Co., Ltd. × Sendai Royal Park Hotel

    We offer accommodation plans with your dog in cooperation with Seibu Pet Care Co., Ltd.

Examples of topics

  • Yokohama Minato Mirai "Pia Arena MM"

    Topics 1

    Established MEC Pia Creative

    We established a company to plan and manage events at live content facilities such as arenas and halls jointly owned with Pia Corporation. In addition to thier strengths in fields such as music, movies, and sports, the two companies will mutually share their know-how to develop fields that fuse business and entertainment.

  • Utilization of land owned by Tokyo Medical and Dental University “CIRCLES Ochanomizu”

    Topics 2

    Utilization of university-owned land

    Utilizing (leasing) land in the Surugadai area owned by TOKYO MEDICAL AND DENTAL UNIVERSITY, we have developed a series of compact office buildings, CIRCLES Ochanomizu. In addition to examining the effective use of real estate owned by the university, jointly promoting open innovation through industry-academia collaboration.