Aim of Mitsubishi Estate's 
 "Urban Development"

Minds on the city

All of Mitsubishi Estate's businesses are related to the city.
We will continue to take on the challenge of creating new value and coexisting with the environment, with the city as our stage.
We contribute to society through urban development.
That is our mission.

Minds on the future

Marunouchi, when it was a wilderness overgrown with grass that you cannot imagine from its current appearance,
Mitsubishi Estate never forgets.
Creating a town in an empty place, while embracing the responsibility of "making it a model town that can be proud of to the world",
For more than 100 years, we have been promoting urban development in Marunouchi.
All of our efforts are activities to create a richer and happier society.
In order to support the activities of people living in the present as well as those living in the future, Mitsubishi Estate
I am always minds new forms of towns and new ways of working for people.

Minds on people

Our wish is to provide people who live in, work in and visit the city with enriching and fulfilling lives, full of stimulating opportunities to meet.
The Mitsubishi Estate Group has always pursued the genuine value sought by people in the environments and services it provides. With an eye to the future, we carefully listen to each and every customer, and create the true value they seek.
We wish to share with our customers the inspiration and passion we derive from our work. We will constantly take on new challenges to achieve this vision, and through it, we will continuously evolve.
This aspiration will always drive our growth.

"A Love for People A Love for the City" Forever Taking On New Challenges—The Mitsubishi Estate Group