Disclosure policy

Basic Policy Concerning Information Disclosure

Seeking to become a company that values the views of its stakeholders and creatively works on behalf of society, the Mitsubishi Estate Group strives to gain the understanding of its shareholders and investors through accurate and prompt information disclosure.

Information Disclosure Policy

With respect to the disclosure of important information, including with regard to decisions, events and earnings results, that affect the investment decisions of shareholders and investors, the Mitsubishi Estate Group discloses information in accordance with Security Listing Regulations standards (hereinafter the “timely disclosure standards”) established by the Tokyo Stock Exchange and other stock exchanges as well as Article 27-36 of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act (hereinafter the “Fair Disclosure Rules).” In addition, the Company will actively disclose information that is deemed valuable to shareholders and other investors, even if it is not information defined as important by the Fair Disclosure Rules that is communicated to relevant parties (hereinafter “Important Information”) or information that falls under the timely disclosure standards category.

Information Disclosure Methods

Company information (hereinafter “timely disclosure information”) and Important Information that require disclosure within timely disclosure standards are released through the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s “TDnet” (timely disclosure information communication system) and are also promptly posted on our website. Moreover, information that is useful to shareholders and investors, even information that does not fall under the category of timely disclosure information, is promptly and impartially posted on our website.

Information Disclosure System

Each business group and functional group of the Mitsubishi Estate Group has appointed a person to be in charge of information disclosure and a system has been put in place in which important information from each business group and functional group is consolidated in the Mitsubishi Estate Corporate Communications Department (and IR Office), the department in charge of information disclosure. In addition, an Information Disclosure Committee has been organized with the primary purpose of deliberating on an appropriate information disclosure system, its management and oversight, including operation, and whether or not to disclose matters in addition to timely disclosure information that could have a major impact on Company performance and trust.

Policies for Dealing with Ambiguous Information

In the event of the circulation of rumors and newspaper reports concerning the Company information of the Mitsubishi Estate Group, realizing that such rumors and reports could affect the investment decisions of shareholders and investors, appropriate disclosure is conducted through TDnet when it is necessary to clarify the authenticity of the information contained therein.

Silent Period

In order to prevent the leakage of earnings information and ensure fairness, Mitsubishi Estate has established a quiet period dating from two weeks before the day that earnings are announced to the time of the earnings announcement. During this period, Mitsubishi Estate refrains from answering questions or commenting about said earnings. However, in the event of a significant discrepancy between actual performance and the most recently announced performance forecast, Mitsubishi Estate will answer questions after appropriately disclosing information over TDnet, even during the silent period.