Architectural Design & Engineering Business

Mitsubishi Jisho Design Co., Ltd. (Mitsubishi Jisho's Architectural Design & Engineering Business division was spun off in 2001) is an organizational design company that handles a wide range of services, including architectural and civil engineering design and supervision, renovation work, urban and regional development-related work, and various consulting services. 

Leading design firm with a long history and achievements

Our fields of activity have expanded year by year, from urban planning to architectural design, consulting, renovation, construction management, and interior design. Utilizing the technology and networks that we have cultivated over our 130-year history, we are expanding not only in Japan, but throughout East Asia, including China, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

wide range of design services
Suggesting “a unique scenery”

Such as the flow of the times and the transformation of society , and region and the people who live there, the environment and conditions surrounding buildings are not the same. Mitsubishi Jisho Design strives to create places that resonate with the hearts of all who use them. We are proposing spaces all over the world where you can experience a “unique scenery” that excites you when you stand still.

Services provided by Mitsubishi Jisho Design

A new-age project created by imagination and technology

Kagoshima Central Tower

Transforming Kagoshima's land gateway into an attractive space

Kagoshima Central Tower

Set in front of JR Kagoshima Chuo Station, this redevelopment project aims to revitalize the area around the station and renew urban functions. A new commercial facility connected to the existing shopping area, a hall with a 500-seat capacity, and a pedestrian deck were planned to create a complex of facilities that will promote the concentration of commercial functions and urban living. We created an attractive space in front of the station, and provide a comfortable circulation line.

Ant Group Hangzhou Office (A Space)

A beautiful fusion of natural scenery and office functions

Ant Group Hangzhou Office

The base of Ant Group, which develops the world's largest online payment service. Taking advantage of the verdant terraced topography, the building was designed with the three themes of “returning the natural environment to a healthy way of working,” “coexistence and dignity of the serene exterior and rich interior,” and “high functionality.” . In addition to providing a space that creates relaxation and stimulation, it also supports air conditioning energy reduction and BCP in the event of a disaster.

Strategic Perspective of the Mitsubishi Estate Group

Achievements of Mitsubishi Jisho Design 's R&D Department

Connecting technology and life to realize the creation of rich spaces
R&D of Mitsubishi Jisho Design

Mitsubishi Jisho Design 's R&D Promotion Department visualizes the technologies that support the spaces surrounding us, such as roads, structure, and buildings, and connects technology with our lives to help enrich cities.

We will create technologies that will be commonplace in the future, such as architecture that reduces environmental impact through wood-oriented construction and carbon neutrality, offices that are ABW compliant by utilizing big data to locate workers, and smart cities that are compatible with new forms of mobility.

The new technologies and concepts that we create will open up a "the near future" that enables not only comfortable spaces but also various work styles and lifestyles.