MITSUBISHI ESTATE Annual Report 2014

Financial sectionYears ended March 31Eleven-Year Summary of Selected Financial Data (Consolidated)200420052006Financial Results (Millions of yen)Revenue from operations¥  679,918¥  775,381 ¥  844,217 Operating income103,749 118,233 137,614 Ordinary income78,701 93,675 121,236 Net income34,989 36,245 55,825 Financial Position (Millions of yen)Total assets3,068,842 3,124,514 3,280,209 Total equity1897,499 920,930 1,133,623 Interest-bearing debt1,211,888 1,198,371 1,007,761Capital expenditures70,205 79,79362,204 Depreciation and amortization57,024 55,545 53,655 Cash Flows (Millions of yen)Cash flows from operating activities77,708 88,900 169,744 Cash flows from investing activities(60,645)(92,409)29,883 Cash flows from financing activities(31,658)(33,485)(132,463)Cash and cash equivalents at end of year136,063 97,324 167,090 Per Share Amounts (Yen)Net income¥26.96 ¥27.93 ¥42.60 Cash dividends8.00 8.00 10.00 Principal Financial IndicatorsEBITDA2 (Millions of yen)¥167,444 ¥178,386 ¥200,928 ROA3.6%4.0%4.6%Interest coverage ratio3 (Times) ratio29.7%28.6%23.5%Stock InformationStock price4 (Yen)¥1,411 ¥1,246 ¥2,790 Number of shares issued and outstanding (Thousands of shares)1,299,185 1,299,185 1,371,189 Notes:1. Total equity is calculated by deducting minority interests and stock acquisition rights from total net assets.2. EBITDA is calculated as the sum total of operating income, interest and dividend income, equity in earnings of unconsolidated subsidiaries and affiliates, depreciation and amortization, and goodwill.3. ‌The interest coverage ratio (ICR) is calculated by dividing the sum total of operating income, interest and dividend income, and equity in earnings of unconsolidated subsidiaries and affiliates by the sum total of interest expenses and commercial paper interest.4. As of March 31Mitsubishi Estate’s Stock Price Changes in Tokyo Stock ExchangeYen44MITSUBISHI ESTATE CO., LTD. 4/20034/20044/20054/200602,0003,0005,0001,0004,000