MITSUBISHI ESTATE Annual Report 2014

Message from the Chairman of the BoardCorporate GovernanceConstantly enhancing the corporate governance system is one of the highest manage-ment priorities of the Mitsubishi Estate Group. This emphasis arises from the desire of the Group to attain its fundamental mission of “By building attractive, environmentally sound communities where people can live, work, and relax with contentment, we contribute to the creation of a truly meaningful society.” As chairman of the Board, I work to ensure the proper operation of our governance functions through the substantial discussions that I chair in the Board of Director meetings. In addition to making decisions on important operational matters of the Company, the Board of Directors provides oversight of business execution. Adopting the outside director system in 2006, Mitsubishi Estate has four outside directors on its 13-member Board. These outside directors contribute considerably to the enrichment of the Board’s discussions by expressing opinions or giving advice that utilize their individual extensive business and management experience and expertise. Moreover, three out of the four statutory auditors participating in the Board meetings are outside statutory auditors. I take care to ensure that there is active discussion by all of the members attending the meetings, including the outside directors and statutory auditors, who have a variety of backgrounds. The Group is currently addressing such issues as the strengthening of the urban function of Tokyo in terms of increasing its international competitiveness as a global city and the expansion of the Group’s international business. There are indispensable aspects in making full use of opportunities to take a giant step forward in business while responding on an ongoing basis to the changes in the business environment and markets. It is essential to pursue strategies and make business decisions that are bold yet prudent. In addition, we must establish a governance system to support those business actions. Going forward, I intend to tirelessly develop and strengthen appropriate governance systems for the Group, aiming to increase our long-term corporate value and generate social value. August 2014Chairman of the BoardMitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd.38MITSUBISHI ESTATE CO., LTD.