MITSUBISHI ESTATE Annual Report 2014

Offering consulting services and solutionsBusiness Development, Consulting & Solutions GroupScope of ActivitiesThe Business Development, Consulting & Solutions Group provides services, leveraging such Mitsubishi Estate Group strengths as vast experience and comprehensive capabilities. The Group provides services through two collaborating departments: the Corporate Solutions Sales Department, which develops proposal-based sales from the perspective of the customer’s corporate real estate (CRE)* strategy, and the Real Estate Solutions Department, which provides overall management of project-based development and a variety of consulting services.Specifically, we consult with customers to ascertain their current situation as well as their unique issues, concerns, and needs to propose ideal solutions utilizing a wide variety of business services and resources developed by the Mitsubishi Estate Group. In addition to offering consultation on individual real estate projects, we provide comprehensive real estate diagnostics for all related real estate properties to customers who hold or lease multiple real estate properties, focusing on CRE strategy support services to enhance corporate value.* CRE: Real property held or used by a business enterprise or organization for its own operational purposes. In recent years, there has been growing interest in using CRE strategically to contribute to increased corporate value.Design and supervision■ Environmental assessment and research■ Consulting for urban development and private finance initiatives (PFIs)■ Consulting, design, and supervision for environmental and civil-engineering solutions■ Construction management■ Design and supervision for buildings and structures■ Design and supervision for interior and exteriorReal estate liquidity■ ‌Real estate-backed financial support■ ‌Securitization■ ‌Specified real estate joint ventures■ ‌Sales and leaseback■ ‌Real estate brokerage CRE strategy support■ Organization of CRE information ■ CRE valuation■ Support for strategy formulation and implementationBuilding operation and management■ Operation and management plan analysis and proposals■ Long-term maintenance plan consulting■ Commissioned operation and management of buildings, retail facilities, and hotels■ Subleasing■ Tenant marketingComprehensive building analysis■ Earthquake resistance analysis■ Facility management■ Energy saving and IT utilization in buildings and facilities■ Interior and exterior renovation■ Barrier-free facility construction■ Anti-aging measures for buildings and facilities■ ConversionReal estate developmentn Development method proposalsn Business plan supportn Project managementn Effective utilization / joint ventures (equivalent exchanges / term leasehold)n Provisional usen ReconstructionConstruction■ Single-unit homes and rental and corporate housing■ Residential and office renovationReal estate investment■ Real estate investment strategy formulation support■ Market research and analysis■ Due diligence■ Acquisition support■ Asset management Value Drivers1Strategic sales organization comprising of horizontally integrated segments.2Ability to recognize problems through consulting.3Robust solutions using Companywide resources.CustomersBusiness Development, Consulting & Solutions GroupDetermine proposalConsultDetermine current statusPropose initiativesSolutionConsultingAnalyze and reviewImplementConduct research and analysis36MITSUBISHI ESTATE CO., LTD.