MITSUBISHI ESTATE Annual Report 2014

Architectural Design & Engineering BusinessValue Drivers1Building and urban development design, technology, and proposal capabilities attained through the Marunouchi district development.2Project management know-how accumulated from working in partnership with clients.3China and Southeast Asia business operations based in Shanghai and Singapore.Investment Management BusinessValue Drivers1Wide selection of services capable of handling diverse investment needs (Total assets under management: In excess of ¥2 trillion at March 31, 2014).2Global platform that spans Japan, the United States, and Europe.3Know-how developed through real estate management in Japan and overseas.Fiscal 2014 TopicsIn Japan, the total assets under management of Mitsubishi Jisho Investment Advisors, Inc. (MJIA), continued their steady upward path. Just three years since its launch, the assets under management of MJIA’s open-ended, unlisted private-placement real estate investment trust (REIT) rose to around ¥200 billion. A Japanese REIT (J-REIT) managed by Japan Real Estate Asset Management Co., Ltd., and specializing in office buildings, Japan Real Estate Investment Corporation recorded stable performance for the thirteenth year as the longest existing J-REIT on the market.Overseas,* the Mitsubishi Estate Group continued to expand its investments. In fiscal 2014, Mitsubishi Real Estate’s U.S. subsidiary Rockefeller Group, Inc. (RGI), through its U.S. REIT, jointly purchased 28 State Street, an office building in Boston, with Mitsubishi Estate New York Inc. RGI’s U.S. REIT already owns premium office build-ings in San Francisco and Washington, D.C.Whether at home or overseas, the Group is endeav-oring to further expand its operations in real estate markets in response to the diverse asset management needs of investors. *For accounting purposes, overseas fund-related business is included in the International Business segment. Fiscal 2014 Topics During the fiscal year under review, Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei Inc. completed projects in a variety of fields, including Grand Front Osaka, Meiji University’s Nakano Campus, and Tsukishima-Sou, a company dormitory facility based on a system of shared living space for multiple companies. Overseas, the company opened a representative office in Singapore in May 2013 as a base for expanding operations in the Southeast Asia region, which has shown marked economic growth in the past few years. Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei is also expanding operations in China and Taiwan through its local subsid-iary in Shanghai. Construction began on Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei’s first overseas high-rise building, the Taipei Nanshan Plaza Project, in November 2013.Going forward, the company plans to aggressively acquire orders for new and renovation projects in the architectural design and engineering business. By accu-rately responding to the diverse needs of clients, such as quality, design, and environment, the company is aiming to expand business in all fields, including urban development, construction management, and urban energy-use planning. Summary of Management & Services Business Group34MITSUBISHI ESTATE CO., LTD.