MITSUBISHI ESTATE Annual Report 2014

Case 5 International BusinessLONDON—Where Mitsubishi Estate has established a strongRaising Our Market Presence through Large-Scale ProjectsAgainst the backdrop of the high degree of transpar-ency and liquidity of real estate transactions in the United Kingdom, London has a robust market that attracts investment funds from around the world. Since the laws and regulations, business practices, and busi-ness schemes of the local market are completely different than those of Japan, the know-how and other business assets we have accumulated in Japan cannot be applied as they are. Facing this challenging environment, Mitsubishi Estate established a local subsidiary in 1986. Since then, we have put down roots in London’s real estate market and established ourselves as an active player. Mitsubishi Estate significantly raised its presence in the market with the Paternoster Square Redevelopment Project, which was completed in 2003. Over 13 years starting in 1990, we worked with many different busi-ness partners as the project owner. By successfully executing this large-scale project, our reputation in the local real estate market rose substantially. the Mitsubishi Estate Group’s Business ModelValue Drivers1 ‌Pursue localized business utilizing accumulated experience.2 ‌Earn the trust of professionals in the business. 3 ‌Build personal relationships with highly skilled professionals in specialty fields.4 ‌Capitalize on business opportunities offering future development potential.Shinichi KagitomiDirector & General ManagerMitsubishi Estate London LimitedFor the past few years, we have been purchasing properties with future development potential, laying the strategic groundwork for further expansion of our business.United Kingdom BusinessExperience and PerformanceIntegrity and TrustPartnershipsInformation Gathering32MITSUBISHI ESTATE CO., LTD.