MITSUBISHI ESTATE Annual Report 2014

New “The Parkhouse” Project Proceeding FavorablyThe Parkhouse Harumi Towers is situated along the banks of the canals in the area of Tokyo that has been in the spotlight recently as one of the sites for the 2020 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games. The large-scale residential housing project rises 49 stories aboveground and contains 1,744 units. Of the two towers in the complex, the Krono Residence was completed in October 2013. The other tower, the Tiaro Residence, is scheduled for completion in 2016. The Company is developing various types of the Parkhouse projects, such as The Parkhouse Kamisaginomiya, which is a large-scale low-rise condominium building in a quiet residential district.of the services of the Group has been cultivated over the years through its development of the Marunouchi district. This insistence has resulted in buildings designed to provide a base for safe and secure living for customers. In general, newly constructed housing that features the latest equipment is highly appealing to customers. However, we believe that behind the various reasons that customers choose our residences lies a trust in the quality we provide and a need for the greater safety we offer. Especially after the Great East Japan Earthquake, interest in safety and security has heightened among our customers. And the measures the Mitsubishi Estate Group has taken for that purpose in the past are now being recognized and highly evaluated. Utilizing the Special Characteristics of the Community to Offer Homes Suited to Long-Term DwellingThe basis of feeling safe and secure in a home is not just in the quality of the building. The Group aim to provide residences that will blend in with the different characteristics of each community and be an asset for both the people living there and the neighborhood itself. A condominium building that becomes a familiar and appreciated part of the local community—and loved, of course, by its residents—will be inhabited for a long time. We aim as a unified Group to support that process even after construction is completed. We form ongoing business relations with customers, providing for their needs in all scenarios involving their home, including moving to bigger or smaller homes and renovation. We want to carry out residential development that will contribute to the overall goals of the Residential Business: “Pursue the creation of lifelong value for customers” and “Expand stock business by strengthening the residential value chain.” Residential Leasing FieldPARK HABIO, a leasing condominium brand that Mitsubishi Estate has been developing since 2004, offers comfortable, safe and secure, and high-quality properties in highly convenient locations in downtown Tokyo. By the end of fiscal 2015, we expect to have 51 buildings with 4,300 units on the market under this brand name. Custom-Built Housing FieldMitsubishi Estate Home Co., Ltd., provides custom-built housing featuring superior construction methods for thermal insulation, seismic resistance, durability, and other specifications. Custom-built housing offered by the company boasts high energy efficiency and comfort levels due to its proprietary Aerotech barrier-free air-conditioning system. Moreover, the company can handle full custom-order services for particular needs in such areas as subcontracting for rental and sales housing and hospitals and stores as well as renovations.PARK HABIO EbisuMakuhari Home Gallery(newly opened in April 2014)Nishinomiya Kitaguchi Home Gallery(newly opened in April 2014)The Parkhouse Harumi TowersANNUAL REPORT 201431