MITSUBISHI ESTATE Annual Report 2014

MARK ISminatomiraiLandmarkTowerMinatomirai StationJR SakuragichoStationTYOKOHAMA, JAPANCreating Spaces That Bring Enjoyment into People’s LivesThe Yokohama Minato Mirai district lies southeast of Tokyo. A conglomeration of buildings, including office buildings, a convention center, commercial properties, art galleries and museums, and residences, approxi-mately 93,000* people work in this district, which attracts a total of about 72 million* tourists, shoppers, and other visitors annually. Mitsubishi Estate chose this district as the location for its commercial property MARK IS minatomirai, which opened in June 2013. The development concept for MARK IS minatomirai is a “life entertainment mall,” while the merchandising concept is “Enjoy a comfortable, relaxed, and beautiful life—Enjoy living in Yokohama.” We searched out tenant stores for the commercial property that would offer a full range of items necessary to the enjoyment of people living, working, or visiting the Minato Mirai district. Moreover, Mitsubishi Estate has used the know-how accumulated from its experience in planning, developing, and managing shopping and entertainment centers to full advantage in designing such spaces within the commer-cial property as spacious seating areas and the rooftop garden, which features a fruit orchard and a vegetable garden, where people can pass the time. Charting the Future of Urban DevelopmentIn contrast with MARK IS minatomirai, which targets daily use by families, the Landmark Plaza, another Mitsubishi Estate commercial property in the Minato Mirai district, features many stores selling high-end accessories for men and women and luxury brands that attract customers from a large surrounding area. Developing the area in an integrated manner as a single complex with people flowing between the properties because of their very different offerings represents an urban development style unique to Mitsubishi Estate. In the sense that the Minato Mirai district has been developed as a place where people live and work in the same area, we believe it offers a different vision of future urban development than the Marunouchi district. Through the development and management of proper-ties that meet the lifestyle needs of the residents of the district, we intend to continue to refine the appeal of this town. * Announced by Yokohama City on March 12, 2014Value Drivers1 ‌Provide spaces that make people’s daily lives enjoyable and relaxing.2 ‌Meet not only material needs but also those for space and time.3 Develop an area in which commercial properties can target different consumer groups.4 ‌Chart a course to a future where people live and work in the same area.Cumulative sales of MARK IS minatomirai since opening:¥25,640 millionANNUAL REPORT 201429