MITSUBISHI ESTATE Annual Report 2014

Nagoya StationDai Nagoya BuildingOther Activities in the Building Business In addition to developing build-ings premised on long-term ownership, the Building Business pursues the strategic development of quality income-generating properties in response to the needs of investors in the real estate development market. In this category in fiscal 2014, the Building Business completed the construction of Front Place Nihonbashi in Chuo-ku, Tokyo.Total office floor space:Approximately 65,000m2Total retail space:Approximately 8,500m2Large-scale underground automated bicycle parking rack system capacity:Approximately 960 bicyclesaccommodating approximately 960 bicycles in an office building is a first-time experience for us. Moreover, we have taken steps to meet the business continuity plan (BCP)* needs of tenants. In addition to using the most advanced earthquake-resistant engineering and structures, we are installing disaster management functions, such as flooding prevention barriers and an aboveground emergency electric power generation system, in consideration that the area is only two meters above sea level. Bridging the expectations for change and the desire to keep the familiar surroundings of the local residents and the many other people involved in the project, we are pushing forward with area development that will contribute value to the area for another 50 to 100 years.* ‌BCP: A business continuity plan establishes facilities and measures to prevent the disruption of essential businesses and services in the event of a major incident or disaster.BUILDINGto the next generationNAGOYA, JAPANThe former Dai Nagoya Building, which was beloved by local residents for more than 50 yearsDai Nagoya BuildingIdentityEase of Navigation InnovationSafetyFront Place NihonbashiANNUAL REPORT 201427