MITSUBISHI ESTATE Annual Report 2014

Case 2 Building BusinessDAI NAGOYA —Where 50 years of local color and traditions are passed on Rebuilding a Landmark Beloved by Local ResidentsThe city of Nagoya forms the center of one of the three major metropolitan areas of Japan. The Dai Nagoya Building, situated in front of Nagoya Station, was constructed in 1962. For 50 years, the landmark building—with its name boldly displayed on the roof—has become a familiar part of the lives of local residents. Amid a sense of expectations for its replacement, we are progressing with the construction of a new building scheduled for completion in fiscal 2016.Mitsubishi Estate is attempting to fuse the operational management know-how and latest engineering and design technologies developed in managing the Otemachi, Marunouchi, and Yurakucho districts in Tokyo to create a dazzling new face of Nagoya. In addition to using highly distinct curtain walls, we will have open garden spaces fronting the mid-level of the building to evoke a special impression that will attract people’s attention as soon as they exit the station. We have planned such amenities as sidewalks and underground corridors to increase the ease of getting around Nagoya Station, the surrounding area, and the underground shopping malls. Moreover, we have kept in mind the preservation of the build-ing’s previous popularity and its significance as a local landmark by retaining the name of the building.Addressing the Area’s Issues and Disaster Management with State-of-the-Art TechnologyTo assist with planning, Mitsubishi Estate participates in an area development committee consisting of representatives of the Nagoya City government and landowners of the surrounding area. We are currently working toward solving one of the issues raised by that committee—the illegal parking of bicycles in the area around the station. Our solution of building an under-ground automated bicycle parking rack system capable of the Mitsubishi Estate Group’s Business ModelValue Drivers 1 ‌Meet the expectations of local residents by bringing out the distinctive character of the building that is representative of the local area.2 ‌Create a bustling environment that acts as an intersection between the terminal train station and the surrounding area.3 ‌Meet the challenge of the Company’s Nagoya-based new development initiative.4 ‌Protect the safety of tenants by installing advanced disaster management functions.Construction progressing on the Dai Nagoya BuildingYusuke IzumoProject Promotion Office,Nagoya BranchIt has only been one year since I joined the Dai Nagoya Building Redevelopment Project, so I am acutely aware of the importance of meeting the expectations of Nagoya residents and the responsibility of the project.26MITSUBISHI ESTATE CO., LTD.