MITSUBISHI ESTATE Annual Report 2014

Developing Future Markets though Business SupportAiming to maintain the Marunouchi district’s position as an attractive business center of choice for global companies, Mitsubishi Estate set up the Tokyo Client Business Development Office in-house in 2012. While providing business development support for foreign companies planning to enter the Japanese market and Japanese small and medium-sized venture enterprises aspiring to expand internationally, the Tokyo Client Business Development Office promotes the establishment of business bases by such companies in the Marunouchi district. Promoting the business expansion of our tenant firms and creating new jobs in the district through our business support services stimulate new office space demand and lead to an increase in business opportunities for the Group in the medium-to-long term. While the taxation systems, regulations, and other aspects of business in Japan may be complex, its mature markets have an appeal not found in any other market in Asia. Particularly for information and communication technology companies that have their headquarters on the U.S. West Coast and offer cloud services and other “big data”-related services, the various accumulated data on the Japanese market holds great significance for their businesses. As of July 2014, EGG JAPAN,* the innovation platform office operated by the Tokyo Client Business Development Office, has a total of 41 foreign and Japanese companies located in its office space, achieving full occupation well ahead of its original schedule. Going forward, the Tokyo Client Business Development Office plans to act as a pacesetter in creating an environment that facilitates its tenant firms’ business. The office will do so through such proactive measures as providing tenant companies with business partner matching services and support in expanding their personal contact networks through the operation of its business club.I think the job of business support requires serious consideration of the customer’s market environment, competitive advantages, and other factors as well as the use of comprehensive business capabilities. Believing the vitalization of the Marunouchi district leads inevitably to the vitalization of Japan, I intend to develop our organization into a highly attractive business support center for foreign and Japanese companies. Constantly Pursuing Progress as a Pioneer Creating Mainstream Trends in Urban DevelopmentUrban development is a constant, ongoing process. Even the Daimaruyu area has undergone major transformations from the 1960s, when it underpinned the Japanese economy as the headquarters of corporate Japan, through its 1980s era as a dense conglomeration of high-rise office buildings, to today’s multi-functional area, with amenities ranging from museums, commercial facilities, and medical facilities to business support, such as venture enterprise fostering and financial education services. Inheriting our business spirit of constantly pursuing the next frontier in our actions, we continue to meet the challenge of achieving new value creation through urban development. Masato AikawaGeneral ManagerTokyo Client Business Development Office*EGG JAPAN: The Entrepreneur Group for Growing JAPAN is an innovation platform office for creating new businesses and supporting business growth. EGG JAPAN provides business support services based on the needs of the tenant firms located in its office space and utilizing the member-ship base of its business club. ANNUAL REPORT 201425