MITSUBISHI ESTATE Annual Report 2014

020,00060,00040,00080,000100,000WeekdaysSaturdaysSundaysin the area by about three times and their total revenues have risen to approximately ¥70.0 billion. As a result, on the weekend, in contrast with its previous reputation as an inactive area, the business center has transformed into a lively commercial center bustling with people.1 Total commercially leased floor space of Mitsubishi Estate (non-consolidated) Urban Redevelopment from the Aspects of Both Core and Support InfrastructureOne of our business themes is how we can leverage the high concentration of resources of the Daimaruyu area. While Mitsubishi Estate is a real estate developer, our job does not end with completing office buildings and finding tenants. Beyond that, we believe a vibrant area only comes into existence after we have created a community or the activities that bring the businesses and people assembled in the area together to interact and trade ideas. We work to create value from the aspects of both core infrastructure, such as the office buildings, and support infrastructure, such as implementing schemes to promote interaction. Recently, in terms of core infrastructure, Mitsubishi Estate is emphasizing achieving an overall improvement in the building performance through the addition of such functions as advanced disaster management functions and heightened energy conserva-tion efficiency that reduces carbon dioxide emissions per unit of floor space. At the same time, we are enhancing aspects of support infrastructure, such as business and employee support systems. Our business-matching service for venture enterprises that are starting up in the area or overseas companies planning to enter the Japanese market and day-care centers in our buildings for office employees are just a few of the systems we have implemented as support infrastructure. Pedestrian Traffic in the Marunouchi DistrictPeople / Day Jul. 2002 (Before the Opening of the Marunouchi Building) Nov. 2012Survey of pedestrian traffic for 10 to 20 hours in 10 locations in the Marunouchi and Yurakucho districtsANNUAL REPORT 201423