MITSUBISHI ESTATE Annual Report 2014

Integration Capabilities Fostered by Urban Development as a Source of GrowthThrough the redevelopment of the Marunouchi district, we have enhanced our integration capabilities and expertise as a compre-hensive real estate developer. Our know-how and performance record accumulated through the process of collaboration with various stakeholders, such as landowners, tenants, and local authorities, and unifying their aspirations for the development of an area have become a source of value creation for the future. Our integration capabilities also demonstrate their true value in the development of REITs, which require the ability to bring together and organize specialists with advanced skills, and in overseas real estate development. Enhancing Value as an ExpertThe ability to envision changes in the needs of people working and living in an area and an understanding of the perspective of customers has arisen from our interactions with 4,000 business tenants in the Marunouchi district alone. When it comes to planning urban development with a view to the future, envision-ing change and understanding customers are decisive assets. By refining these assets, along with our competitive management services, we contribute to the advanced functionality of Tokyo as a city—and achieve sustainable growth for cities around the world and for Mitsubishi Estate. Management (Asset Management / Property Management) / Development / Leasing and SalesCreating Cash FlowReinvestmentSustainable GrowthANNUAL REPORT 201421