MITSUBISHI ESTATE Annual Report 2014

20112012201320142015(Estimates)20162017(Plan)20182021Medium-Term Management Strategies (FY 2012–FY 2014)Medium-Term Management Plan (FY 2015–FY 2017)Business Objectives of Medium-Term Management Plan (FY 2015–FY 2017)Business DomainsBusiness ObjectivesInvestment & Development Business GroupOffice Building■ Promote world-class urban development to secure Marunouchi as Asia’s top city■ Strengthen efforts aimed at increasing the value of the existing portfolio in Marunouchi■ Actively pursue urban development outside of Marunouchi in line with the marketRetail & Logistics Property■ Further promote the development of retail properties and increase revenues through superior property management■ Develop the business against a backdrop of firm leasing demand for logisticsResidential Business■ Boost efforts aimed at securing the profit rate in the condominium business■ Strengthen the stock business■ Strengthen the rental housing businessInternational Business■ With Europe / U.S. businesses as the core areas, further develop business in Asia, such as condominiums and shopping centers■ Promote the business model based on the value chainManagement & Services Business Group■ Take advantage of the strength of the Group to provide solutions and services and to reinforce values chainsFYBREAKTHROUGH 2020ANNUAL REPORT 201417Second Stage of the Marunouchi Redevelopment Project (CY 2008–2017)