The Living Things of Marunouchi

Marunouchi Living Things Handbook

The Marunouchi district presents a very diverse environment. The neighborhood is more than one of Japan’s most notable business centers. It is also home to the Imperial Palace, which is reminiscent of the Edo period; Hibiya Park, which has a history dating back over 100 years; and the newly renovated Tokyo Station. Marunouchi continues to change and evolve in a variety of ways even today. We have surveyed this most central of Japanese neighborhoods every year since 2009 to find out what type of creatures live here.

Marunouchi Living Things Handbook features plenty of photos of the animal and plant life to illustrate how the local creatures live and make their habitat in different environments throughout the seasons, making it easy for all readers to understand. We hope people will take this handbook with them as they walk through Marunouchi.
We invite you to enjoy a stroll in search of the living things that have adapted to the urban Marunouchi environment.

Marunouchi Living Things Handbook

Living Things in the Marunouchi District

Living Things in the Marunouchi District is a series of biannually issued digital booklets which draw on the large amounts of data gathered in the neighborhood as we operate the Marunouchi Nature Corner, a permanent display in the 3×3 Lab Future community space.
The booklets divide the area studied into three different environmental zones and help readers learn about the insects, plants, and animals found in each zone.