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Key Theme 3: Innovation

Using Cutting-Edge Technology and Robots

Formulation of Digital Vision

In June 2021, we formulated the Mitsubishi Estate Digital Vision, which aims to create more livable urban environments for ordinary citizens through digital transformation. Under this vision, the Group will develop environments that allow users to enjoy experiences in urban settings while moving freely between online and offline worlds by extending the physical contact points with customers that it has built up in its real assets and diverse business portfolio. In addition, we will pass on the data accumulated through these experiences to users in the form of various optimized services and new service offerings. Mitsubishi Estate will evolve urban environments into platforms for new discoveries and inspirations by promoting the creation of environments where people and companies can assemble, meet, and interact both online and offline with other people and other companies.

As part of our efforts to realize this vision, we have built Machi Pass, a common authentication ID. Via this single common authentication ID and a password, users can take advantage, if they so wish, of a variety of services offered in an urban setting as well as receive optimized information and services based on such data as their user history and location information. This initiative will help evolve the urban setting into a place that provides enriched user experiences by accumulating and optimizing the experiences of individual customers as data and passing it on to them to facilitate even better experiences.

Next-Generation Urban Development Utilizing Robots and Digital Twins

Security robot SQ-2 (Otemachi Park Building)
Replacing human patrols and guards through advanced autonomous movement functions

In fiscal 2018, Mitsubishi Estate established a department to promote reforms to the business model using digital technology—in other words, digital transformation—across the Group. This department strives to build an eco-system for the co-creation of customer value as it works to accelerate cooperative venture and business tie-ins across industries.

We are working on next-generation urban development utilizing advanced technologies in cooperation with the national and Tokyo Metropolitan governments and other agencies.

In facility management, we are already achieving tangible results, including work efficiency improvements and cost reductions, at offices as well as at retail facilities, hotels, airports, and logistics facilities by coordinating autonomous robots, elevators, IoT sensors, 3D data, and other technologies to automate work processes that are seeing increasing labor shortages, such as security, cleaning, and transportation. We are also utilizing the 3D City Model promoted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism to examine a wide range of new ways to use technology in the urban development field, including autonomous driving, disaster preparedness simulations, and the utilization of sensors, by linking unified data from inside and outside facilities.

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Establishing Marunouchi Data Consortium Aimed at Creating New Value and Business for the Community through Data Utilization

Mitsubishi Estate and Fujitsu Limited established the Marunouchi Data Consortium in September 2019 with the aim of creating new value and business for the community through utilization of data. The consortium provides programs such as workshops and seminars that encourage co-creation so that companies and organizations can work in an integrated manner from generation of ideas through to field testing.

In fiscal 2019, the consortium launched projects that included one to obtain and use data related to activities in the Marunouchi area as well as an information bank project responsible for the distribution of personal data acquired with permission.

Through initiatives that include utilization of data, Mitsubishi Estate will proactively pursue the realization of the "smart city" in Marunouchi and other areas.

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Utilizing IT in Condominium Management

Streamlining Operations Using Chatbots

Mitsubishi Jisho Community, which manages condominiums for sale and lease, office buildings, and public facilities, began operating Chatbots, an automated conversation program using artificial intelligence (AI), on LINE in October 2019. Chatbots automatically reply to typical inquiries and requests from customers, business partners, real estate brokers, remodeling contractors, and others, resulting in reduced customer wait times. In so doing the company is working to increase service efficiency though the utilization of IT.

In addition, customers who belong to Mitsubishi Jisho Residence Club, the customers' membership organization across the Mitsubishi Estate Group, can receive information on the club's benefits and services in a timely manner on LINE.

In the future, Mitsubishi Estate is considering sending the regular notifications for each condominium via LINE and making it possible for customers to submit a variety of documents to the management association or the managing company via LINE as well.

Introducing Smartphone App Smart Rijikai

In November 2019, Mitsubishi Jisho Community began distributing Smart Rijikai ("Smart Management Association"), an iOS and Android app, as an initiative to improve service quality. The app is intended for the condominium management associations from which the company is entrusted with management operations, providing a service that makes it possible for them to view the agenda for administrative board meetings on the app and make resolutions after question and answer sessions. The association's administrative board members can take part in meetings online at a convenient time and are able to check materials, make comments, and exercise voting rights depending on the agenda.

Developing the Condominium Self-Management App KURASEL

Mitsubishi Jisho Community developed KURASEL, an app that makes it easier to manage condominiums, in service from November 2020. Although in the past there have been calls from condominium management associations to manage condominiums themselves or to reduce management costs, no products or services were available to meet their needs until now.

The app was developed by condensing condominium management expertise cultivated over 50 years enabling a wide range of functions: the management of complex information in the condominium management association (e.g. owner and resident information, contract and order management information); storage and viewing of board meeting materials; income and expenditure status; management of payments. All this can be centrally managed through the app via a smartphone or online. This makes it easier for condominium management associations to function without outsourcing work to a management company.

The provision of this brand-new service will reduce management costs, alleviate shortage of reserve funds for repairs, and contribute to solving social issues such as the shortage of human resources serving on the management boards of condominiums.

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