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Key Theme 3: Innovation

Operating Incubation Offices

EGG JAPAN — Helping New Businesses Set Up
and Expand

Lounge space

Housed in the Shin-Marunouchi Building, Entrepreneur Group for Growing Japan (EGG JAPAN) is run by Mitsubishi Estate to assist growing companies from overseas and innovative Japanese venture companies as they create and expand new businesses. Providing such support helps to keep Marunouchi the world's business center of choice. EGG JAPAN is made up of the Business Development Office and the Tokyo 21c Club. The Business Development Office provides resident companies with a range of business support options such as introductions to experts and prospective clients and assistance with organizing events. The Tokyo 21c Club provides a platform for entrepreneurs, company managers in charge of new business and experts in various fields to build networks through events and seminars.

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FINOLAB, a Company to Support FinTech Development

FinTech, new financial services that use IT, is a sector that is currently expanding rapidly. In collaboration with Information Services International-Dentsu (ISID), Mitsubishi Estate has been operating FINOLAB, The FinTech Center of Tokyo, Japan's first central point for FinTech, since 2016, thus supporting its ventures since the dawn of FinTech in Japan. In February 2017, FINOLAB expanded and relocated to the Otemachi Building and has continued to grow.

With further market expansion for FinTech forecast, Mitsubishi Estate incorporated the organization that manages the center to establish FINOLAB Inc. in July 2019 with the aim of establishing the framework to further accelerate open innovation centered on FinTech in diverse industries and areas and thereby driving the speedy creation of new businesses.

The new company will continue to manage and further strengthen the existing FINOLAB community. It works to construct the FINOLAB SANBOX, a base for business creation combining an online environment with physical facilities, and establish an infrastructure for quickly introducing and evaluating the latest FinTech services created by startups as a corporate user. Doing this will not only result in numerous innovations, but will also create a starting point for delivering services to the real world.


Shared space

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Global Business Hub Tokyo, a Shared Workspace Linking Otemachi with the World

Terrace Lounge

The Global Business Hub Tokyo in the Otemachi Financial City Grand Cube is one of the largest business support facilities in Japan for startups and up-and-companies from Japan and overseas. The facility provides business matching events and high-quality networking opportunities, contributing to the development of business for the companies using it. The Global Business Hub Tokyo aims to help create the world's business center of choice in Otemachi, Tokyo.

  • Run by the General Incorporated Association Global Business Hub Tokyo and staffed by Mitsubishi Estate

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Inspired.Lab, an Open Innovation Hub That Encourages
Collaborative Creation

Inspired.Lab is a co-working space established by Mitsubishi Estate together with SAP Japan Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the software company SAP SE, in the Otemachi Building in February 2019. The space is occupied by technology startups and new business development teams from major corporations working on creating new businesses in cutting-edge areas such as AI, IoT, and robotics.

The facility contains a lounge space for stimulating interaction, workshop spaces to use for idea sharing, and a work area that can be used to create prototypes of ideas. Staff from SAP are also permanently onsite to provide both physical and human support for new business creation, including the provision of programs for discovering and developing innovation. Inspired.Lab helps its users test and verify their ideas in the facility, the building, and the surrounding area, thereby facilitating speedy commercialization. Since the facility began operating, a number of new businesses have come to fruition based on the open environment.

Entrance to Inspired.Lab

Work area

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