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Key Theme 1: Environment

Sustainable urban development that proactively addresses climate change and environmental issues

Related SDGs

Opportunities and Risks

Opportunities Risks
  • Increasing need for acquiring and leasing of real estate with low environmental impact
  • Reducing waste accompanying longer demolition/rebuilding time spans due to effective use of existing properties
  • Rise in vacancy rates and decline in sales closing rates and sales prices in the event of a late response amid an increase in the need to acquire and lease real estate with low environmental impact
  • Increasing cost for new real estate development due to stronger environmental regulations and for countermeasures due to tightening of standards for repair work

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Main Values Provided

  • Urban development managed for climate change, waste, and energy
  • Efficient and eco-friendly urban development leveraging existing properties

Targets and KPIs


GHG Emissions Reduction Targets after Revision in February 2022
(in the process of SBTi application as of March 31, 2022)

New GHG emissions reduction targets

  • Reduce Scope 1 + 2 by 70% or more and Scope 3 by 50% or more by fiscal 2030 compared to fiscal 2019 emissions
  • Achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 (reduce Scope 1, 2, and 3 by 90% or more. Neutralize residual emissions*)
  • Emissions that remain unabated within the value chain in the target year are termed "residual emissions." The SBTi standard requires neutralizing any residual emissions using forest absorption and carbon removal technologies outside the value chain to counterbalance the impact of these unabated emissions and to achieve net-zero emissions.

Renewable Energy Rate Target after Revision in February 2022

  • Achieve 100% group-wide by fiscal 2025


Promote waste recycling and reduction of emissions focusing on food and plastic items

Waste recycling rate

in 2030


Waste disposal

by 2030

20% reduction

(compared to FY2019, per m²)


  • Promote sustainable timber use


Other Key Themes