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Key Theme 2: Diversity & Inclusion

Initiatives to Support Active Participation by Diverse People

Providing an Environment where People with Developmental Disabilities Can Live with Ease at The Green at Florham Park

Exterior view of The Green at Florham Park

Rockefeller Group International is the core company of the Mitsubishi Estate Group's operations in the United States. Engaging primarily in the real estate development and ownership and investment management businesses, it plays a key role in driving the Mitsubishi Estate Group's globalization. Rockefeller Group has been working in cooperation with its joint venture partners on The Green at Florham Park, a large-scale, mixed-use project combining offices, residential housing, and a hotel in Florham Park, New Jersey.

In October 2020, Rockefeller Group completed development of a 62-unit housing project dedicated to serving people with developmental disabilities seeking independent living opportunities and a high quality of life. In the past, there has been a lack of places where those with developmental disabilities can enjoy vibrant lives. The project has provided housing and an environment conducive to well-being and thereby enables the residents to enjoy their lives as active members of their local community.

This is an initiative which embodies the aim of contributing to a truly meaningful society through urban development as set out in the Mitsubishi Estate Group's philosophy, and recognized by Mark Taylor, the Mayor of Florham Park, as a "wonderful project for our community."

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Sunshine City Barrier-Free Information Site Opens


In November 2020, Sunshine City Corporation launched the Sunshine City Barrier-Free Information Website for wheelchair users and other physically-challenged people with the aim of ensuring a complex that anyone can enjoy. The website consolidates barrier-free information for the entire facility, enabling easier access to information.

A survey of the actual barrier free conditions within the complex was conducted in cooperation with the Japan Accessible Travel Organization and the organization WheeLog to check access from stations, accessibility to common areas and major facilities within the complex as well as ease of use of amusement facilities and restaurants. Photographs documented wheelchairs actually being used in restaurants.

In the production of the website, care was taken to create a website that can be easily used by people in need of such information with help from Mirairo Inc., which provides universal design solutions. The website, which is now available, is designed with tabs for Play, Eat, Priority Restrooms, Barrier Free Information, and Access so that each type of information can be checked in a way that is easy to understand.

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Signing a "Female-Friendly Urban Development" Pact with Toshima-ku


FF Partnership Pact

To promote female-friendly urban development in tandem with the local community, Sunshine City has entered into an FF Partnership Pact (FF Pact) with Toshima-ku. Under the agreement, the two parties agree to collaborate on the following six themes:
1. Diverse life styles and work styles for women and the working generation.
2. Raising children and nurturing the next generation.
3. Health promotion and dietary education.
4. Supporting art and culture.
5. Realizing diversity.
6. Other wide-ranging supports for the child-raising and working-generation.

Sunshine City works to further strengthen its efforts to create urban environments that are friendly to women and the child-rearing generation.

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Marunouchi Health Company, an App to Help Drive Health Awareness and Actions Among Companies and Individuals

Marunouchi Health Company

Mitsubishi Estate established the Mitsubishi Estate Health Management Declaration in October 2016, articulating its commitment to contributing to society by promoting the health for the people who live, work, and relax in the city as well as its own employees.

As part of such initiatives, Mitsubishi Estate began providing the Marunouchi Health Company smartphone app aimed at improving corporate and individual health awareness and activities.

The Marunouchi Health Company app allows users to monitor their daily activities and receive original articles about health and information on health-related events. The more health-related activities users engage in, the higher their positions (health rank) advance within the app, which allows them to participate in original and special health-related experiences, such as "general manager-only" seminars and "executive-only" health-related tourism experiences.

The app is free of charge, and Mitsubishi Estate will continue to realize well-being and provide information throughout the service.

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Inclu Marunouchi, a Center for Supporting the Employment of People with Disabilities

Bright entrance of Inclu Marunouchi

Tokyo's Marunouchi area has about 4,300 companies, each of which supports employee diversity and work-life balance while also providing a working environment that welcomes people with physical and mental disabilities.

The Mitsubishi Estate Group is creating communities it hopes will be areas in which anyone, regardless of disabilities, can work comfortably in the Marunouchi area. As part of these initiatives, the Group has been operating since October 2018 Inclu Marunouchi, a center for supporting the employment of disabled people and providing information, on the fifth floor of the Shin-Kokusai Building, in cooperation with Startline Co., Ltd., a company offering consultation and support for disabled people.

Inclu Marunouchi provides companies with a wide range of support services utilizing the Marunouchi area's convenience and sense of community, such as providing information on employment for disabled people, offering satellite offices staffed with support staff and providing consulting services. Mitsubishi Estate works closely with companies using the center and develops new ideas and programs to create a working environment where employees with disabilities further demonstrate their abilities.

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Cotooffice, the Working Space with a Built-In Daycare Center

Cotooffice in Shin-Kokusai Building

Businesses urgently need to address the shortage of daycare centers to support their child-rearing employees and avoid a loss or shortage of human resources resulting from extensions of childcare leave or resignation. Further, as many businesses make efforts directed at workstyle reform, it will be necessary to embrace further flexible workstyles through the introduction of telecommuting and utilization of diverse facilities and infrastructure. To meet these social needs, and to provide tenant companies and employees in the Marunouchi area a diversity of high-quality services, in April 2018 Mitsubishi Jisho Property Management opened a new business called "Cotooffice — Working with Your Children in the Office," a working space with a daycare center attached, at the Shin-Kokusai Building. It is the first such endeavor for the Mitsubishi Estate Group. In addition, Cotooffice Sanno Park Tower opened as a daycare center for residents of the Sanno Park Tower. Through the Cotooffice, Mitsubishi Jisho Property Management responds to the needs of those working for tenants in buildings managed by the company and provides a safe and secure childcare service with facilities on par with licensed daycare centers. It also works together with Mama Square, a company with experience managing childcare facilities on company premises, to provide safe, reliable childcare services.

Cotooffice in Sanno Park Tower

These facilities provide amenities such as laundry and diaper service, and a daycare app, at no extra charge, to reduce the burden on parents commuting to work with their children. They also offer unique education programs that take advantage of the unique features the Marunouchi area offers. These include an intellectual training program created in collaboration with Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum, Tokyo, a nature program that gives children the chance to experience nature in the Marunouchi area, a green oasis within the city, and English programs for children. Such programs and services will not be limited to the Marunouchi area, but will be extended to buildings across Japan owned and managed by the Mitsubishi Estate Group.

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Workplace Childcare Center at the Gotemba Premium Outlet

The Gotemba Premium Outlet has over 300 tenants, each of which has many employees. However, there are no childcare facilities nearby because it is located far from an urban area. There was the need to create an environment where parents could work with peace of mind while raising their children.

Tenants complained that a lack of childcare made returning to work after childcare leave difficult. To resolve their concerns, Mitsubishi Estate-Simon, the operating company, opened an internal childcare center in September 2017. Anyone working in the facility can use the center regardless of their form of employment. It is also available to everyone in the community.

Reaction from users has been positive, with comments including, "I can work harder when my children are close by," and "I chose to work at the Outlet because they have a daycare center." The center both improved the work-life balance of the workers and helped the tenants secure human resources.

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