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Realizing Diverse Workstyles

Hiring of Persons with Disabilities

Mitsubishi Estate actively seeks to hire persons with disabilities, in response to social demands to ensure their employment opportunities. The company strives to create a workplace in which all employees can demonstrate their unique skills without regard to their disability and provide the environment they need for success.

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Empowerment of Women

Establishment of Action Plan to Promote Women's Success

Mitsubishi Estate has established and published an action plan in accordance with Japan's Act on the Promotion of Female Participation and Career Advancement in the Workplace.

The action plan sets out targets and specific initiatives aimed at achieving a positive working environment for women in accordance with the objective of the Act, which is to promote women's participation and advancement.

Overview of Action Plan

Period of the Plan

April 1, 2021 – March 31, 2026

  • 1.Raise the percentage of female employees at the level of section head, who are candidates for management, to about 30% by fiscal 2025, with the aim of bringing the percentage of female employees who are managers to more than 10% by 2030.
  • 2.Raise the percentage of eligible men taking childcare leave to more than 75% by fiscal 2025 with an eye on achieving 100% by fiscal 2030.
  • 1.Create an environment that makes it easier for women to continue working.
    • Host forums (roundtable discussions, lectures, etc.) providing information facilitating work-balance with child rearing as well as career development for female employees who are taking childcare leave or who have returned to work for a certain period after returning.
    • Provide interviews with human resources divisions/departments on return to work from childcare leave.
    • Raise awareness of the reemployment program and leave system in conjunction with the transfer of a spouse.
  • 2.Initiatives to raise the percentage of men taking childcare leave.
    • Monitor the use of childcare leave by male employees whose spouse has given birth and encourage them to take the leave.
    • Host roundtable discussions, etc. by male employees who have taken childcare leave to encourage men to take the leave.

The full text of the action plan is available here.

Action Plan based on the Act on the Promotion of Female Participation
and Career Advancement in the Workplace (Japanese only)(PDF 231KB)

Proposal of a New Transfer Model for Sales Positions that Can Achieve Continuous Career Advancement

A transfer often cuts short an employee's career even when it is necessary for business. Transfers are difficult to balance with life events such as raising children, providing nursing care, or the transfer of a spouse, and many people opt to resign. Mitsubishi Jisho Property Management, which has been working on workstyle reform since 2016, has proposed the establishment of a new transfer model that does not involve relocating in order to address such transfer problems, which is an issue faced by many companies.

New Generation Eijyo College (literally, "College for Female Sales Representatives") is a joint project by different industries aimed at transforming sales positions and training female employees. In fiscal 2019, "Creating a Next-Generation Sales Model" became its theme.

The new transfer model proposed by Mitsubishi Jisho Property Management aims to establish a work style that can achieve continuous career advancement together with various life stages, such as marriage, raising children, providing nursing care, and the transfer of a spouse yet without being confined to a place of work. To this end, the model seeks to move meetings online and review the division of responsibilities, thus breaking away from the established notion that transfer equals relocation. Recommendations were made based on the results of a four-week verification trial in which employees performed the work of their departments remotely while working at a different site and used business trips only for handling work when onsite support was absolutely necessary.

An additional verification trial will be held in fiscal 2020 aimed at systemization of the proposal. Going forward, Mitsubishi Jisho Property Management will continue its efforts aimed at building a workplace environment where everyone can work with peace of mind and experience motivation and work satisfaction as stated in its mission.

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Promoting Work Style Reform Led by BxS Promotion Committee

On April 1, 2017, Mitsubishi Estate upgraded its efforts to reform the corporate culture, streamline work processes from the top down and create new value by increasing productivity by establishing the Work Style Reform Promotion Committee, which is chaired by the president.

Beginning in August 2018, this committee was renamed the BxS Promotion Committee with an intention to drive a "borderless" and "socializing" work environment that would maximize the value created from ties made among people and revitalize workstyle reform efforts. In conjunction with the new management plan starting from fiscal 2020, the themes were also updated to the seven areas of sharing knowledge, receptive and responsive, high aspirations, a spirit of challenge, diversity & inclusion, commitment to time value, and increasing loyalty. Mitsubishi Estate is setting up an office environment and system company-wide and across divisions so that each individual employee can work in a way that provides additional added value.

Further, in fiscal 2019, Mitsubishi Estate set up a new program that requires 10% or more of work time to be devoted to activities other than regular work in order to promote business model innovations (for example, new business proposals and improvements to existing operations). This is aimed at promoting further reforms in individual work styles.

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Programs to Encourage Open Innovation

In order to promote business in a social and economic environment that is changing at an increasingly rapid speed, Mitsubishi Estate is engaging in business model innovation. In October 2019, Mitsubishi Estate established new personnel programs for the purpose of encouraging open innovation and expanding further the possibilities for independent career choices by individuals.

Secondary Job Program (from January 2020)

Mitsubishi Estate has established a secondary job program* based on a permit system to help employees maximize their own potential through diverse experience and encourage them to accept various challenges that lead to their growth or career advancement. In so doing, the company aims not just to help the knowledge and connections obtained through a secondary job be returned into the core business, but also to create an environment for employees to work with more satisfaction through self-actualization.

  • Excludes businesses that involve a conflict of interest with Mitsubishi Estate, such as competitors. Working hours up to 50 hours in any single month.

Open Recruitment of Human Resources with Secondary Jobs and Dual Employment in Some Businesses (from October 2019)

In some of its businesses, primarily new ones, Mitsubishi Estate has begun accepting human resources with secondary jobs and dual employment* through open recruitment to hire a broad range of human resources that possess knowledge not present in its existing businesses. As the first step, in the meditation studio operation business, which was established in April 2019 through the new business proposal program, Mitsubishi Estate recruited and employed* human resources with responsibility for planning brand and marketing strategy from among human resources with secondary jobs and dual employment.

  • Assumes once weekly employment based on an individual outsourcing agreement with Mitsubishi Estate.

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Programs to Foster Work-Life Balance

Mitsubishi Estate respects its employees' individuality and values, and believes that it is important to ensure a balance between work and home life in order to provide a workplace in which each individual employee can perform to potential. Mitsubishi Estate has established a range of programs to provide employees with diverse work styles options. These include flex-time schedule for all employees, leave of absence and shortened work hours for childcare and nursing care, and hourly paid vacation programs. The company also began offering a telecommuting option for all employees in 2017.

List of work-life balance and employee health promotion programs and welfare initiatives (Mitsubishi Estate)

Name of program Overview of program
Flextime program Working hours are as follows
  • -Core time (time period when eligible employees are required to attend work)
    10:00 – 15:00
  • -Flexible time (time period when eligible employees can work according to their choice)
    Period for starting work: 06:00 – 10:00, period for ending work: 15:00 – 20:00
Childcare leave of absence Can be used until the end of the fiscal year in which the child turns three years old (14 days of paid leave from the day on which childcare leave starts)
* The legally stipulated period in Japan is until the child’s first birthday as a general rule (or until the child turns two years old as a maximum in special circumstances).
Nursing care leave of absence Can be used for a maximum of three years (can be divided into shorter durations up to three times)
Nursing care leave of absence for children Can be used until the end of the March after the child enters the third grade in elementary school
Can be used as a special paid leave of absence until the child enters elementary school
Nursing care leave of absence for family Can be used as a special paid leave of absence
Shortened work hours for childcare Can be used until the end of the March after the child enters the third grade in elementary school
Daily work hours can be shortened by up to 2.5 hours in increments of 15 minutes
Shortened work hours for nursing care Can be used within three years of the start of use for each person in the eligible family
Daily work hours can be shortened by up to 2.5 hours in increments of 15 minutes
Flextime program for pregnant women, those caring for children and those nursing family members Can be used during pregnancy
Can be used until the end of the March after the child enters the third grade in elementary school
Can be used within three years of the start of use for each eligible person in the family
(Work hours can be shortened by up to 2.5 hours in increments of 15 minutes)
"Refresh" vacations Special paid vacations are given every five years after five consecutive years of employment
Company pays travel costs after 25 years of consecutive employment (upper limit imposed)
Accumulated vacation Employees can accumulate up to 90 days of paid vacation that was not used. This can be used for the employee's or family member's illness, a spouse's childbirth, to participate in volunteer activities, childcare or nursing care for family members, among others.
Reemployment program Can be used following the specified interview when an employee resigned due to childcare, nursing care for family members, changing jobs, or starting a business
Leave system for the transfer of a spouse Leave can be taken to accompany a spouse on a relatively short transfer (overseas traineeship/study of approximately 1–2 years)
Transfer system in conjunction with the transfer of a spouse An employee in a position that does not normally involve transfers can transfer within the Group when wishing to relocate due to the transfer* of a spouse only when it is organizationally feasible
*Limited to Japan
Hourly paid leave program Paid leave is available in one-hour units (using eight hours is equivalent to using one day of paid leave)
Teleworking program It is possible to work at a location other than the company, such as a satellite office affiliated with the company or at home
Expense subsidy program based on cafeteria plan The program provides subsidies for expenses on employee health promotion activities (sports activities and checkups not covered by insurance, etc.)
Consultations with occupational health physician An initiative to provide consultations with an occupational health physician for employees, including managers, who have exceeded the 80 hours of statutory monthly overtime work
Positive Off Movement An initiative to set targets for the number of days of paid leave taken and to encourage employees to take paid leave

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Support for Combining Work with Raising Children

Mitsubishi Estate has established a general action plan compliant with the Japanese law called "Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children," to help its employees balance work and childcare. The company is recognized as a childcare-supportive company by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and received Kurumin Mark certification in 2017.

As part of its efforts to support childcare, the Mitsubishi Estate Group launched a new business in 2018 to operate its own daycare centers at its properties, in addition to temporary daycare services using contracted daycare centers. It also provides support such as subsidies for the cost of babysitting, as well as opening a center that helps employees find daycare services for their children. Information on programs available for childcare is provided on its intranet site for pregnancy, childbirth, and childcare information.

Support for Combining Work with Nursing Care for Family Members

Mitsubishi Estate also offers a range of programs to support employees who are providing nursing care for their family. Employees can take nursing care leave or work shorter hours while nursing family members. In addition, a nursing guidebook is issued and internal seminars are held to offer information on caring for family members.

Support for Employees' Life Plans

Mitsubishi Estate has set a retirement age of 60, but has introduced a job matching program to reemploy employees that want to continue working after retirement age.

This program enables employees of retirement age who meet certain standards to continue working, which not only supports employees' life plans, but also enables veteran employees to pass on the skills, expertise and personal connections built up over years of experience, thus helping to maintain service quality. Currently, these veterans are registered as advisors.

At the same time, expectations for this second phase of life are varied, and individuals make diverse choices. For this reason, the company provides life planning seminars, training on planning for life after retirement. In addition, the second life support program has been set up, enabling employees two years away from retirement to embark on a fulfilling "second life" with early retirement.

Retirement Allowance Program

Mitsubishi Estate has established a defined-benefit lump sum retirement grant program and a corporate pension program.

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Creating an Office Environment that Leads to Value Creation

Initiatives at Mitsubishi Estate Head Office

In January 2018, Mitsubishi Estate relocated its head office with the aim of realizing an office that continually creates new value.

The new head office's concept is encapsulated in the statement "Borderless! × Socializing!"

It signifies our commitment to create a venue for generating new value through creating spaces where people can truly connect with one another without borders and fully demonstrate their strengths. We will continue putting this aspiration into practice as part of our work style reforms for productivity and employee health advancement.

At the same time as continuously implementing reform of the office environment and systems, Mitsubishi Estate will also build on the achievements, knowledge, and expertise it has obtained based on innovative approaches such as verification testing held at the head office and utilize them in proposals to customers, planning for new office buildings, and urban development.

Free-address work environment
Employees can choose locations on any given day from a host of different seating options, including low tables, high tables, large and individual desks, to match their workstyle preferences. Efforts are also made to reduce paper and digitalize documents, eliminating more than 70% of document storage cabinets compared with pre-relocation.

Internal staircase to eliminate borders between floors
Private stairways have been installed so that employees can move freely between floors, bypassing the building's common areas. This encourages spontaneous communication, promotes health and mitigates the risks posed by loss or theft of confidential materials.

SPARKLE Cafeteria
The cafeteria serves free breakfast for a healthy start to the day. Employees can also use the cafeteria as a workplace, encouraging the creation of new ideas and insights.

Common area doubled
One-third of the new head office is allocated to a common area, which is double the area of that found in the previous head office. This creates opportunities for inspiration through discussion and increases motivation and productivity.

Creating Offices in Which Communication Leads to Value Creation

New headquarters office with an emphasis on spaces for people to gather

Mitsubishi Estate Residence moved its headquarters in January 2019 as an opportunity for work style reforms, and has implemented various steps to upgrade the office space in the new headquarters building.

In order to continuously generate attractive products and services, it is important for the company to activate communication, not only among employees but also from people outside the company. With this in mind, Mitsubishi Estate Residence set up a one-floor working space that has no pillars and allows employees from all departments to work in the same space. In addition, it is taking various steps to create connections with people from outside of the company. In particular, by focusing on spaces where people get together, it has set an internal kitchen to create an entirely new communication space. For the purpose of creating offices that provide opportunities for new value creation, the company introduces cutting-edge technology and services, such as the use of IoT experiences and delivery boxes in the office.

New Offices to Drive Reforms in Work Spaces, Time, and People

Three lounges promote communication

Mitsubishi Real Estate Services works on creating offices that lead to work style reforms, such as raising productivity and promoting diversity. These efforts, prompted by the headquarters move in May 2018, are based on the "real breakthrough" concept in which the walls between sections are torn down.

A one-floor office with no walls has created an environment in which employees across divisions can easily communicate with one another, and the flow of people in the office has also been improved by placing office equipment in optimal positions. In addition, "free address" workspace and mobile work systems have been introduced to give employees more options about where they work. All employees are given laptops, smartphones and beacons to ensure that these systems function well. A location management system that identifies the location of employees within the office in real time, a "print anywhere" system, and a conference room reservation system aimed at raising the efficiency of conferences were also introduced.

In addition to these office environment improvements, a café lounge, library lounge, and relax lounge have been set up, with an aim to enhance communication by providing employees with places to interact and recharge.

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