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Employment and Labor Relations

Promotion of Dialogue with Employees and Labor Union

Mitsubishi Estate supports the right to group negotiation and emphasizes problem-solving together with labor unions. The company forms labor agreements with the Mitsubishi Estate Labor Union and discusses issues that need to be resolved and the right course of development for the company to take on the basis of trust, in order to build positive relationships.

Moreover, in terms of labor hours, the company and labor union have signed the statutory agreement on overtime work (known as "36 Agreement") and work together to set internal management standards based on labor-management consultations to avoid excessive working hours for employees.

Mitsubishi Estate also holds a Labor Council as a forum for regular management dialogue on employee health and safety with the union whereby they report and discuss union members' requests and needs concerning these issues. Through these activities, Mitsubishi Estate strives to improve its workplaces and systems so that the needs of all union members can be reflected.

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Equitable Salary System

At Mitsubishi Estate, regular wage raises were discontinued in 2000, and a salary increase system based on skill development was adopted. A performance-based bonus system based on MBO and an objective performance evaluation and promotion system have also been adopted to raise employees' motivation to improve their work and skills. There are no salary discrepancies based on gender.

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Payment of Fair Wages

The Mitsubishi Estate Group ensures payment of the minimum wage or above based on the laws in each of the countries where it conducts business.

See the following for initial salary for new graduate recruits at Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. and the comparison to minimum wage.

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Retirement Allowance Program

Mitsubishi Estate has established a defined-benefit lump sum retirement grant program and a corporate pension program.

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