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Human Resource Development

Basic Policy and Approach

Mitsubishi Estate believes that human resources are an essential management asset and recognizes that employee growth is crucial to the Group's continued growth.

It has defined the ideal traits it seeks in its human resources: visionary, professional, with integrity, team-building skills, and a passion for challenges and innovation.

Mitsubishi Estate develops its employees' skills using multiple approaches in line with each individual's career stage, combining training programs with job rotations and coordinated programs at workplaces.

The Five Traits

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Initiatives for Human Resource Development

Human Resource Development Programs

Mitsubishi Estate provides a range of training to recognize positions according to the growth stage and develop the skills of employees. The company supports individual growth through provision of programs such as joint Group training for new hires and newly appointed managers and skill development programs to help individual employees acquire the knowledge and skills they need and to encourage independent and self-directed study.

Offering a Wide Range of HR Development and Training Programs

The Mitsubishi Estate Group carries out a wide range of training programs to develop employees' capabilities and raise their awareness about compliance and human rights.

In addition to basic skill development programs, Mitsubishi Estate has established a range of elective skill development programs that give employees the opportunity to choose at their own initiative.

Internship Program

Mitsubishi Estate runs an internship program to help interns understand the nature of the job and the industry.

Mitsubishi Estate Group-Wide Training

  • New recruit training/New recruit follow-up training/Self-care training
  • 2nd Year training/3rd year training
  • Joint time management training
  • Marketing
  • Presentation training
  • Logical thinking training
  • Practical coaching training
  • Business law training
  • Financial affairs & Accounting training
  • New manager training/New manager follow-up training

Global Human Resource Development Initiatives

As part of the Global Basic Skill Strengthening options to develop human resources capable of thriving on the global stage, Mitsubishi Estate provides programs such as short-term overseas language training and has introduced a system to subsidize second-language studies. Additionally, under the Global Business Skills Strengthening option, employees can take part in a training system where they gain practical experience at Group companies in the U.S., the U.K. and Asia. There are also study-abroad and business school programs available so they can develop the capabilities needed to perform in a global environment.

In addition to medium and long-term dispatch programs, there is also a lineup of short-term programs lasting approximately one month, making it easy for employees who are unable to leave the workplace for long periods of time to participate. Moreover, internal debriefing sessions are held after the training so that results and lessons can be shared widely with other employees, helping everyone see how a global mindset is relevant to their own work.

Mitsubishi Estate will continue to augment its training programs in and outside of Japan to ensure that they are useful to and available to employees in a wide range of positions.

Consultations for Career Development

At Mitsubishi Estate, employees set goals for their own work, their contributions to the organization, and their skill development. They then review their achievements every six months via management by objective (MBO) consultations with supervisors. They also confirm the evaluation of their performance in these consultations, and salary changes are decided based on the results of these appraisals. The company also holds human resource consultations with every employee (with the exception of Level 3 management career employees and re-employed contract employees), aiming to solicit their views and requests of the company as well as to promote skill development.

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