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Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

Basic Policy and Approach

The Mitsubishi Estate Group has made clear in the Group Code of Conduct that it strives to earn the trust of its clients and works to create safe, reliable and improved products and services through communication with its customers.

Mitsubishi Estate Group Declaration on Customer Respect


The Mitsubishi Estate Group established the Mitsubishi Estate Group Declaration on Customer Respect on April 1, 2018.

Mitsubishi Estate Group Declaration on Customer Respect (PDF 61KB)PDF

Information on Activities Related to the Declaration (Follow-up Activities) (PDF 146KB) (Japanese only)PDF

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Promotion System

When the Group receives comments or complaints from clients, the customer service personnel of each Group company receive them and, routinely, field staff are sent to the site to handle issues in person. The opinions received from clients are attended to sincerely, fairly, and impartially. Mitsubishi Estate collects matters that should be handled by the whole Group, reports them to management, and makes the necessary changes in its business activities. For items where correction is needed, the relevant departments all work together to handle the matter promptly.

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Primary Initiatives

Implementing Tenant Satisfaction Surveys

Mitsubishi Estate implements customer satisfaction surveys for with the tenants of its office buildings. The surveys mainly check the level of satisfaction with the management and operating systems of each building, and the company makes improvements as needed based on the survey results.

See the following for the survey implementation rate.

ESG Data > S: Social data > (2) Other > 2. Diversity > Employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction

Responsible Advertising Activities

Mitsubishi Estate Residence Co., Ltd. has created a "Real Estate Advertisement Creation Manual" that we revise as necessary. We interpret the regulations and conduct our business in conformance with our obligations established by the real estate advertising rules set forth in the "Fair Competition Codes Concerning Indication of Real Estate" and "Fair Competition Codes Concerning Limitations on Premiums Provided by Real Estate Businesses." In view of specific cases experienced in the course of conducting our business, we have clarified our policies with regard to various scenarios and have compiled them in an easy-to-understand, practical manual.

It can be used as a guide for sales activities and designing advertisements, of course, but we also provide it to people associated with the real estate business to be applied as a reference manual for conducting activities in an autonomously ethical manner. We strive to ensure we never betray our customers' trust by encouraging false expectations or by failing to inform customers of things that would be to their disadvantage.

"Five Eyes" to Create Quality Residences

Mitsubishi Estate Residence proposes the peace of mind and quality required in condominiums with five areas of focus using "Five Eyes," an original system for all properties it offers under its The Parkhouse brand of condominiums for sale (some features available only in the Tokyo metropolitan area).

Five Eyes

  • Check Eyes: Mitsubishi Estate Residence's original quality management and performance labelling system
  • Eco Eyes: cutting-edge environmental specifications
  • Custom Eyes: consultancy to help create a comfortable home including interior design
  • Life Eyes: a security system jointly developed with Mitsubishi Jisho Community and the security company Secom Co., Ltd.
  • Community Eyes: 24-hour, 365-day condominium management support for continued peace of mind after moving in

"Five Eyes" Creating Quality in our ResidencesOpen new window

Introducing the NPS Scheme to Increase Client Loyalty in the Condominium Business

For our clients, the purchase of a condominium is a life-changing decision. Mitsubishi Estate Residence has introduced the Net Promoter System (NPS) to measure client loyalty not only before they make the purchase but also after they move in. Surveys are administered to clients at every phase — from the initial visit to contract signing to handing over, a year after moving in and two years after moving in — to gauge client endorsement levels. The reasons given are also noted and presented to the relevant departments as feedback to help improve products and services. While the comments received are occasionally harsh, the NPS scheme is still a valuable resource that helps the company boost client loyalty even higher.

See the following for evaluation results.

ESG Data > S: Social data > (2) Other > 2. Diversity > Employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction

Owner's Survey

Mitsubishi Estate Home carries out owner's surveys to improve customer satisfaction and archives the results in a database that it shares with the rest of the company. The company is focused on strengthening its customer service via its home consulting services, which is a core component of its residential program starting from the initial stage and extending long after purchase. The survey results show that these efforts are paying off. We will strive to further increase customer satisfaction going forward through strengthening service capabilities and product design from the customer's perspective.

See the following for survey results.

ESG Data > S: Social data > (2) Other > 2. Diversity > Employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction

Improving Client Satisfaction with Architectural Design Management Operations

Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei strives to improve client satisfaction as part of its ISO 9001 quality management system. The company has compiled a list of "Don'ts" for design management operations which is shared on the company's intranet. Moreover, when a project is complete, the whole project is analyzed and assessed using the level of compliance with the client's requests as the standard.

Client Survey in Design Management Operations

Evaluation and Requests for Improvement when Ordering Designs or Construction / Fiscal 2020 survey

Number of respondents: 23

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