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Environmental Targets and Policies

Mitsubishi Estate Group Medium- to Long-Term Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions Targets (SBT-Approved)


In March 2019, the Mitsubishi Estate Group established Group-wide medium- to long-term greenhouse gas emissions reductions targets, which were approved by the Science Based Targets (SBT) initiative*1 in April 2019 for being based on scientific evidence. These targets also constitute one of the goals set out in Environment, one of the key themes of the Mitsubishi Estate Group 2030 Goals for the SDGs. The Group will further deepen its initiatives through such means as introducing renewable energy and utilizing new technologies, thereby contributing to the realization of a society with a low carbon footprint.

  • The Science Based Targets initiative is a joint initiative by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), CDP (an international NGO that provides investors, companies, cities, states and regions with a global disclosure platform to manage their environmental impacts), UN Global Compact, and the World Resources Institute (WRI) to encourage corporations to set science-based targets for achieving the 2℃ target under the Paris Agreement.

Mitsubishi Estate Group Medium- to Long-Term Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions Targets

Greenhouse gas emissions are reported here.

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Joining RE100 to Achieve 100% Renewable Energy Use by 2050

The Mitsubishi Estate Group promotes sustainable urban development utilizing renewable energy with the aim of using 100% renewable electricity by 2050. As part of this effort, on January 31, 2020, Mitsubishi Estate joined RE100*, a collaborative initiative under which businesses commit to using 100% renewable electricity.

  • RE100 is a global corporate initiative led by The Climate Group, an international NGO working to accelerate climate action, in partnership with CDP, an international NGO that provides investors, companies, cities, states and regions with a global disclosure platform to manage their environmental impacts. RE100 brings together influential businesses committed to switching to 100% renewable energy for the electricity they use.

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Mitsubishi Estate Group Basic Environmental Policy

The Mitsubishi Estate Group has established the Mitsubishi Estate Group Basic Environmental Policy, which is based on its corporate mission. The entire Group works together to implement sound environmental management.

The Mitsubishi Estate Group has developed an environmental management system and strives to protect the environment by promoting environmental initiatives and reducing environmental impact, as well as complying with all environmental laws and regulations. Mitsubishi Estate is determined to ensure that its business activities play a leading role in the development of sustainable communities.

  • 1.Building a low-carbon society
    We are proactive about the efficient use of resources and energy, and encourage the use of renewable energy to contribute to the creation of a low-carbon society.
  • 2.Creating a sound material-cycle society
    We strive to reduce, reuse, and recycle in every stage of our business, including planning, development, design, construction, management and dismantlement, in order to contribute to building a sound material-cycle society.
  • 3.Fostering harmony between nature and human society
    We endeavor to foster new cultural values and to practice environmental responsibility by demonstrating concern for biodiversity and developing attractive urban spaces that harmonize with the surrounding natural environment, thus helping to build a society that lives in harmony with nature.
  • 4.Promoting environmental communication
    We proactively provide information on the environment and communicate with society on a broad range of issues in our efforts to coordinate and cooperate with a wide range of stakeholders.
  • 5.Increasing employees' ecological awareness
    In our efforts to increase employees' awareness of environmental conservation issues and ensure highly effective environmental activities, we provide environmental education and awareness programs, aiming to develop an ecologically aware workforce.

Established on May 1, 2004
Revised on January 1, 2006 and April 1, 2010

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The Mitsubishi Estate Group Green Procurement Guidelines

The Mitsubishi Estate Group established the Green Procurement Guidelines as an active effort to be environmentally friendly and help reduce the burden on the global environment. The Guidelines promote green procurement, which refers to procurement or construction methods that use materials and equipment with a low environmental impact.

These Guidelines apply to all products, services, designs and construction work procured by the Mitsubishi Estate Group.

In April 2016, the Group also drew up the Paper and Printed Matter Procurement Guidelines to further those efforts.

The basic policies set out in the Green Procurement Guidelines are as follows.

  • Conservation of Energy and Resources
  • Reduction of Environment Pollutants
  • Preservation of Biodiversity
  • Long-Term Usability
  • Recyclability
  • Use of Recycled Material
  • Ease of Treatment and Disposal
  • Curtailment of Total Volumes Procured

Green Procurement Guidelines (PDF 97KB)PDF

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