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Promotion System

Environmental Promotion System

The Mitsubishi Estate Group sets out matters related to efforts to promote sustainability, including conservation of global environment, in the Mitsubishi Estate Group Sustainability Regulations. The Sustainability Committee, chaired by the President & CEO of Mitsubishi Estate with the Chief Sustainability Officer (the director in charge of the Sustainability Management and Promotion Department at Mitsubishi Estate) as deputy chair, meets twice a year as a rule to deliberate and report on climate change and other important issues related to sustainability. Prior to meetings of the Sustainability Committee, the Sustainability Subcommittee conducts preliminary discussions and reporting and compiles information on efforts to promote sustainability taken by business groups, etc. The deliberations of the Sustainability Committee are reported to and supervised by the Board of Directors.

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Monitoring Group-Wide Environmental Initiatives

To monitor the progress of environmental initiatives across the entire Mitsubishi Estate Group, a survey is taken of all Group companies that share the Code of Conduct. The survey covers the progress of measures to reduce environmental impact.

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Building and Implementing an Environmental Management System

Mitsubishi Estate has each of its Group companies implement an environmental management system (EMS), a mechanism for responding to global environmental problems and contributing to the sustainable development of society.

EMS provides companies with a framework to help achieve environmental goals effectively by setting specific targets and assessment systems and utilizing the PDCA cycle to ensure continual review and improvement. The Mitsubishi Estate Group establishes targets and works to improve its environmental performance by obtaining certification for ISO 14001, the international EMS standard, as well as establishing its own EMS, which complies with ISO 14001.

Implementation of Mitsubishi Estate Group's Environmental Management System (Status as of March 2020)

Organization Environmental Policy Environmental Targets and Initiative Results
Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei (Architectural design & engineering business)* PDF 20KBPDF PDF 23KBPDF
Mitsubishi Jisho Community
(Overall condominium and building management)
Royal Park Hotels and Resorts
(Supervision and management of hotel business management, operation support)
Royal Park Hotel
Yokohama Sky Building
(Office and commercial building administration and management)
Mitsubishi Estate Home (Custom-built housing business) PDF 21KBPDF PDF 62KBPDF

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  • ISO14001-certified organization

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Approach to Building Life Cycle

The Mitsubishi Estate Group runs various businesses involved in the development, planning, construction and management of real estate and considers reducing environmental impact through Group-wide efforts as one of its duties. The Group Basic Environmental Policy aims to reduce the burden on the environment caused by buildings throughout their life cycle, from planning and design to operation and management and dismantlement. The entire Group works together to implement constructive and sustainable measures to that effect.

Environmental considerations during a building's life cycle

Building Life Cycle

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