Message from the Director Responsible for CSR

Responding to a changing environment

Since the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the United Nations in 2015, needless to say momentum is building internationally, and in Japan, for initiatives to achieve the SDGs. Today, the world faces such issues as climate change, food and water security, and the loss of biodiversity. Even when looking at Japan, our various issues include overwork, a rapidly aging population, and declining birth rate, along with mental and physical health issues. As one would expect, it is almost impossible for a single company to address these issues alone, and Mitsubishi Estate is no exception.
Our mission is encapsulated in the phrase, “By building attractive, environmentally sound communities where people can live, work and relax with contentment we contribute to creating a truly meaningful society.” Throughout our more than 100 years of history in urban development, we have enhanced our corporate value and prospered as a company by continually creating value for society through our efforts to address social issues alongside various other companies, organizations, and local governments.
In 2015, the Group established five key CSR themes as important management tasks for addressing social issues, after taking into account the views of stakeholders. KPIs have been assigned to each theme, which are managed using the PDCA cycle.

Photo:Tetsuji Arimori Executive Vice President Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd.

Tetsuji Arimori
Executive Vice President
Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd.

Revisions to Code of Conduct and joining the UN Global Compact

For the Group to address social issues responsibly and actively, we need to share our values and expectations across the entire Group more so than before. Our Code of Conduct and Guidelines for Conduct form the basis of these actions. The guidelines were recently revised in April 2018, given the expansion of our business domains and changes in society's needs in terms of compliance. Additionally, we joined the UN Global Compact to deliver a stronger message about our corporate stance not only to employees but also society as a whole. We are now working within the constructs of international initiatives aimed at the realization of a sustainable society.

Efforts to address social issues through business activities

Urban development involves more than just erecting buildings or homes as tangible infrastructure. It is important for all people living, working and residing there to have healthy and safe experiences, from children to the elderly. Therefore, urban development includes such considerations as disaster prevention and barrier-free designs. The Mitsubishi Estate Group's idea of urban development involves engaging customers and local community members to better understand all possible impacts our business activities will have, such as on human rights and the environment. This requires that the Group work with all stakeholders including business partners in an appropriate manner.
One of our key CSR themes is the environment. We are aiming to promote leading initiatives in the environment to contribute to a sustainable society. In particular, we consider our initiatives to combat climate change to be one of our most important duties, since this is an issue facing all life on Earth. Additionally, the Mitsubishi Estate Group Long-term Environmental Vision and Basic Environmental Policy emphasize the importance of helping society to recycle more, fostering harmony between nature and human society, and promoting environmental management collectively by the Group. In our business activities, we are promoting the use of renewable energy and supplying buildings and homes recognized as both environmentally and socially friendly. This will result in smart communities with efficient electricity and water usage, transportation, and physical distribution. Such communities will have less pollutants and waste, use energy, water and raw materials more efficiently, as well as produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Working together with stakeholders

Contributions to global environmental issues are only feasible if we work with customers, communities, and business partners to foster understanding in our philosophy, instead of taking a go-at-it-alone approach. Therefore, in addition to the Mitsubishi Estate Group Green Procurement Guidelines, we are sharing the Mitsubishi Estate Group CSR Procurement Guidelines established in April 2016 with business partners, so that together we can address social issues including the environment.
In order to accelerate our initiatives toward social issues, it is important that we obtain the understanding of stakeholders and work alongside them. We hope to make our key CSR themes even more effective by setting up opportunities to engage stakeholders annually. As part of this, we solicited the views of outside experts once again this year. Looking ahead, I hope to continue receiving your candid opinions, so that we may utilize them in the Group's initiatives.