Urban Development Conducive to Child-Rearing and an Aging Population

Introducing the Cot-Office, the Working Space with a Built-In Daycare Center

In an age with an ever increasing number of children on waiting lists for daycare, businesses urgently need to support their child-rearing employees to avoid a loss or shortage of human resources due to extensions of childcare leave or resignation. To meet this social need and to provide tenant companies and employees in the Marunouchi area with a diversity of high-quality services, in April 2018 Mitsubishi Jisho Property Management opened a new business called "Cot-Office - Working with your children in the office," a working space with a daycare center attached, in the Marunouchi Shin Kokusai Building. It is the first such endeavor for the Mitsubishi Estate Group.
Through the Cot-Office, Mitsubishi Jisho Property Management fulfills its role as a property management company and listens to the needs of those working for its tenants, providing a safe and secure childcare service with facilities on par with licensed daycare centers. It also works together with Mama Square a company with experience managing childcare facilities on company premises, to provide safe, reliable childcare services.
In the future, Mitsubishi Jisho Property Management plans to add value in unique ways through intellectual training programs that use the characteristic features of the Marunouchi area such as collaborations with Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum. This will not be limited to the Marunouchi Area only but will be extended to all facilities owned by the Mitsubishi Estate Group across Japan.

Photo:The nursery room

The nursery room

Signing a "Female-Friendly Urban Development " Pact with Toshima-ku

To promote female-friendly urban development in tandem with the local community, SunshineCity has entered into an FF Partnership Pact (FF Pact) with Toshima-ku. Under the agreement, the two parties agree to collaborate on the following six themes:
1. Diverse life styles and work styles for women and the working generation.
2. Raising children and nurturing the next generation.
3. Health promotion and dietary education.
4. Supporting art and culture.
5. Realizing diversity.
6. Other wide-ranging supports for the child-raising and working-generation.
Sunshine City had held female-focused events and campaigns in the past under the "Sunshine Joshi-do" label, but through this partnership initiative, residents of Toshima-ku received local discounts that made it easier for them to take part in yoga lessons held at aquariums and observation decks. Additionally, Tsukumoru, an organization working together with Toshima-ku to promote female-friendly urban development, held a picture story show entitled "Senior Daruma and Kuruba's Disaster Prevention Play (Halloween Version)" during the “Fun! Fun! Halloween!” event.
Sunshine City will use this partnership to further strengthen raise its efforts to create urban environments that are friendly to women and the child-rearing generation.

Photo:Yoga lesson at an aquarium

Yoga lesson at an aquarium

Logo:FF Partnership Pact

FF Partnership Pact

Female Entrepreneur Promotion Weeks - a collaboration with Yokohama City

Mitsubishi Jisho Retail Property Management approves of the initiative Yokohama City began in 2016 to become the city that is most friendly and fulfilling for women to work in. It therefore hosts Female Entrepreneur Promotion Weeks together with Yokohama City to support women who want to start businesses.
In fiscal 2017, the event was held from October 2017 to February 2018 after many discussions with Yokohama city officials and women entrepreneurs living in Yokohama. It featured all kinds of programs which allowed women entrepreneurs to interact while also providing a platform for informing others of their activities. There were also opportunities for the businesswomen to meet and talk with city residents of all generations. The opening event held at the MARK IS Minato Mirai shopping mall in October, featured attractions like calligraphy performances by female calligraphers, exhibit booths featuring baby goods and artificial flowers made by female craftspersons and workshops by female candle artists. Seven groups of entrepreneurs took part over five days.
This event, held under the common desire to provide an even better environment for female entrepreneurs to succeed in, was a joint collaboration between Yokohama City, an administrative body, and Mitsubishi Estate Group, a private business, making it an important opportunity for private and public bodies to realize the need to work together to create a society where women can perform their best.

Photo:The opening event of Female Entrepreneur Promotion Weeks

The opening event of Female Entrepreneur Promotion Weeks

QoolSoG: the Work style Reform and Health Management Solution Service

QoolSoG is a service that supports the well-being of workers in the Marunouchi area. It does this by offering "ICT X City X Office" support to business managers and human resource directors of companies and organizations who are working to transform working styles and health management and to individual workers.
A year after its launch, since fiscal 2018 it has focused more closely on health issues, rolling out various services and content such as planning interactive events for workers and visitors in the area to take part in and providing information.

The official website of QoolSog (Japanese only)



The Marunouchi Infirmary for Working Women

Mitsubishi Estate and Will Conscious Marunouchi Executive Committee have launched Will Conscious Marunouchi, a project to support the health of working women. Since 2014, the project has organized the Marunouchi Infirmary, which provides health measurements and counseling tailored to women, has analyzed the health data of over 1,300 participants. They are working to solve health problems unique to working women and establish a New Habit Method that helps women build bodies that can fulfill their dreams; work in a healthy and beautiful way for a long time.
In fiscal 2017, they turned their attention to creating habitual behavior patterns and drew up hypotheses for ways to support healthy habits that are easy to adopt and continue. Specifically, this involved incorporating suggestions from working women and company human resource managers into the development of a tool that records physical conditions and activities and verifies and analyses the behavior records of participants. They also provided more solutions through partnerships with other companies. Going forward, the company will endeavor to help working women learn more about life events like pregnancy and childbirth and create opportunities to think about the future in order to be able to support a tomorrow where women can work in a healthy and beautiful way.

(Note) Composed of Mitsubishi Estate Mitsubishi Jisho Property Management General Incorporated Association Luvtelli, International Hospital Federation-affiliated clinics, St Luke's Medilocus, ABC Cooking Studio, Tanita and Marunouchi Healthcare Lounge

Logo:Will Conscious Marunouchi

Will Conscious Marunouchi

Logo:Marunouchi Infirmary

Marunouchi Infirmary

Creating an "Urban Salon," a Comfortable Place for Socialization in the Middle of the Business District

Through the heart of the Japanese business world in Otemachi, Marunouchi and Yurakucho runs the Marunouchi Naka-Dori Street, a 1.2km avenue crossing the area from north to south. Urban development has progressed in this district since the 1990s in line with guidelines formulated with input from residents. Residents have worked together with Mitsubishi Estate and Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei and other companies to transform the scenery of Marunouchi Naka-Dori, broaden the sidewalks and make the city streets and landscapes better places for social interaction. Efforts are also underway to promote people-friendly urban development by improving the slopes of sidewalks and eliminating stairs at building entrances to improve accessibility. Moreover, due to area management activities, there are a number of charming open cafes on Marunouchi Naka-Dori and a variety of events are organized there.
This combination of infrastructure development and area management activity won positive reviews and were awarded the 2014 Good Design Award and the 2015 Townscape Grand Prize. Furthermore, it also won the Prime Minister's Award in the second Nihon Service Award (2017 edition). It was selected because of photos of Marunouchi as well as "the advancement of urban development from both architectural and cultural perspectives and the achievement of making the Marunouchi area lively even on the weekends."

Photo:Marunouchi Naka-Dori

Marunouchi Naka-Dori

Logo:2014 Good Design Award

Helping Resolve Social Issues by Developing Paid Retirement Homes and Shared Housing

The elderly population in Japan is rising, matched by increasing demand for facilities for elderly people. At the same time, society is grappling to find ways to use old homes which have outlived their usefulness with the passing of time. Mitsubishi Jisho Residence is working to resolve such social issues through its business. In 2017, it launched a paid retirement home development business and a shared housing development business.
The first retirement home business, "The Suginami-ku Eifuku 4-Chome Paid Retirement Home Plan" will be built from reinforced concrete with five floors above ground and one below, providing 48 rooms for seniors to spend their time in peace and serenity. Construction began in February 2018 and is expected to be complete (meaning facilities will be rented to operating companies) in February 2019 for opening in March the same year. Additionally, as the first offerings in the share house development business, The Park Rex Eifukuchou and The Park Rex Komagome were opened (i.e. facilities were rented to operating companies) in April and June respectively this year.

Photo:Expected exterior when complete

Expected exterior when complete

Starting a Senile Dementia Supporter Training Initiative using Visiting Lectures

Japan's dwindling birthrate and aging population are recognized problems affecting the whole society, and they are creating serious problems in individual condominium communities. Mitsubishi Jisho Community carries out training on senile dementia for all managers at the properties it manages. However, with the yearly increase in incidents caused by condominium residents with senile dementia, the company anticipates that in the future there will be cases that cannot be handled appropriately and in a timely fashion by managers alone. At one of the properties managed by the company in Osaka, the property managers expressed a wish to hear more about problems caused by an aging population in condominiums. Thus in January 2018, the company dispatched employees registered with the Senile Dementia Supporter Caravan (under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) as lecturers to hold "Senile Dementia Supporter Training Courses" for condominium residents. This course instructs residents on basic knowledge about senile dementia and ways to handle patients with the condition. It was started in earnest as the first step to self-help and cooperation during large-scale disasters as well as a way to raise awareness about senile dementia.
This initiative is one of the ways by which the Mitsubishi Estate Group collaborates not only with Group companies but also with town councils and other regional communities to solve social issues as a way to work on its key CSR theme of "Human Resource Development." The company aims to extend it to other regions in the future.

Photo:Senile Dementia Supporter Training Courses.

Senile Dementia Supporter Training Courses

Obtaining Service Assistance Basic Certification to Help Create Accessible Facilities

The MARK IS Minato Mirai is a large-scale shopping mall in Yokohama that is visited by a lot of elderly people and people with disabilities. Mitsubishi Jisho Retail Property Management which manages the mall, has set its corporate slogan as "Safety and Security and a Heart of Hospitality for all Clients." Guided by this slogan, and with the aim of creating facilities that anyone can be comfortable in, the company decided it was important to understand the feelings of elder people and those with disabilities. To that end, in October 2017 it started administering the Service Assistance Basic Certification exam run by The Nippon Care-Fit Education Institute to its employees, tenant staff and collaborating company staff. During the certification process, participants learned skills and knowledge needed for service assistance such as wheelchair manipulation and experienced what it was like to have impaired vision thanks to The Nippon Care-Fit Education Institute, which was invited to MARK IS Minato Mirai for the occasion. All 54 persons who took the certification exam passed and were awarded a certificate.

Photo:Service Assistance Basic Certificate

Service Assistance Basic Certificate

Planning a Condominium in Joint Development with a Hospital

The Parkhouse Tsukaguchi which is currently under construction (scheduled for completion in February 2019) on the site of the former prefectural hospital in Amagasaki in Hyogo Prefecture, is a "Home and Hospital Development" project in collaboration with Tsukaguchi hospital under the Kensei-kai Medical Corporation. Around the time the condominiums go on sale, the Tsukaguchi Hospital will open on a plot of land next to the condominiums. Tsukaguchi Hospital is also scheduled to hold health seminars for residents in the meeting room on the condo premises.
Furthermore, in a tie-up with FiNC, developers of the FiNC personal trainer AI app, each condominium unit will be provided with the FiNC Smart Scale multipurpose body composition scale. The weight and body fat percentage measurements taken by the scale are automatically sent to the smartphone app (smartphones must be provided by users) so that the AI trainer inside the app can give accurate health advice. Each residential unit will also receive an obesity gene detection kit. Based on their genetic type, they will be provided with lifestyle and diet advice from experts and nutritionists through the FiNC AI app. The project is set to become a next-generation condominium that provides detailed and dedicated health support.