Communicating with Clients

We aim to create safe, reliable and improved products and services through communication with our clients.

Initiatives for Communicating with Clients

The Mitsubishi Estate Group Code of Conduct contains the following declaration: "We will strive to earn the trust of our clients." We aim to create safe, reliable and improved products and services through communication with our clients.
When we receive comments or complaints from clients, the customer service centers of each department and the staff directly concerned work together in their daily affairs to handle it. We respond to opinions from clients sincerely, fairly and impartially. Mitsubishi Estate collects matters that should be handled by the whole Group and reports them to management and makes the necessary changes in its business activities. For items where correction is needed, the relevant departments all work together to handle the matter promptly.

Mechanisms for Communicating with Clients

Image:Mechanisms for Communicating with Clients

The Consumer-Oriented Declaration of Independence

The Mitsubishi Estate Group established the Consumer-Oriented Declaration of Independence on April 1, 2018.

The Consumer-Oriented Declaration of Independence (PDF 139KB) (Japanese only)


“Five Eyes” to Create Quality Residences

Mitsubishi Jisho Residence strives to ensure that all customers continue to feel the same joy in their home as long as they live there. To that end, the company uses the "Five Eyes" quality management standard to ensure the quality of residences from various perspectives. The Five Eyes consist for five areas of focus: Check Eyes, Eco Eyes, Custom Eyes, Life Eyes and Community Eyes.



Commitment to solid building quality
Mitsubishi Jisho Residence checks quality from the design stage to construction and completion, not only the items stipulated in the Japanese government's Housing Performance Indication System, but also items under its own standards. Information on this process is disclosed to customers.



Commitment to supporting affordable, pleasant, environmentally responsible lifestyles
The company delivers condominiums built in line with the ideal of a home that is gentle on both the environment and the resident, where people can live in an environmentally friendly way without having to take on any major burdens.



Commitment to providing homeowners with the pleasure of designing their own living space
The company helps with the home's design after the contract is signed until the home is handed over, aiming to spread the joy of creating a living space that is unique to each resident, giving them the pleasure of selecting and creating their own home.



Commitment to safety and security to protect customers' lifestyles
The company implements crime prevention measures to ensure that customers can live in safety and with peace of mind, and takes highly effective disaster preparedness measures.



Commitment to prosperous, refined lifestyles throughout the lifespan
Mitsubishi Jisho Residence wants to continue to foster customer ties that last for the long term, from the time they begin living in their condominium. The company builds personal relationships with residents and provides extensive support to help them live with peace of mind.

Five Eyes provides evidence of painstaking attention to detail, ensuring that The Parkhouse condominiums are residences for a lifetime. The Five Eyes standards are consistently followed in developing condominiums.

Check Eyes: Condominium Quality Management and Performance Indication System

To allow buyers of its homes to live in both comfort and security, Mitsubishi Jisho Residence checks quality from the design stage to construction and completion, checking not only the items stipulated in the Japanese government's Housing Performance Indication System but also items under its own standards. Information on the condominium's quality at all stages from planning, construction, after completion and after sale is disclosed to clients as well. That is Check Eyes, Mitsubishi Jisho Residence's condominium quality management and performance indication system.

Commitment to quality (Japanese only)

Initiatives for Explaining Important Matters

Mitsubishi Jisho Residence is taking steps to make it easy for clients who purchase condominiums to understand explanations of important issues* more easily. The Manual of Important Matters contains a lot of difficult specialist terms that are difficult for clients to understand, so Mitsubishi Jisho Residence produces a "Guidebook to the Manual of Important Matters" that explains those terms and key terms in the contract in detail using illustrations and hands the Guidebook to clients along with the Manual to make it easier for clients to read. The company endeavors at all times to put itself in the client's position and considers how to explain issues so clients can understand it when providing information.

* It is mandated by law (the Real Estate Brokerage Act and its enforcement regulations) that during the purchase or sale of land or buildings, the seller must hand over a written explanation of important matters related to the transaction and provide an explanation (Manual of Important Matters). This must be carried out by a registered real-estate broker.

Assisting Customers with Condominium Sales

Image:Assisting Customers with Condominium Sales

Helping Residents Live in Safety and Security with Community Eyes

Community Eyes is a comprehensive communication system offered by Mitsubishi Jisho Community, the managers of the condominiums, to resolve issues that crop up in everyday condominium life and help owners and residents build a community of their own.
When clients move in, the company hands them a Community Eyes Life Book that informs them of the management plan and budget. They also furnish the management association of each condominium with a Community Eyes Report every month and give them a simple update on accounting, the community, maintenance and security.
Since May 2011, we have also provided a Life Support Service for residents.
One of the features of this service is Emergency Center 24, a consulting service that deals with problems from clients 24 hours a day 365 days a year whenever there is a breakdown in the facilities in the residences we manage or a water leakage, fire, earthquake or any other emergency. An overview of each condominium and a history of issues dealt with are compiled into a database which makes it possible to provide speedy and accurate assistance. The company also offers interpretation in three languages: English, Chinese and Korean to form a support structure that can meet the demands of a variety of clients.
Additionally, the Customer Center which responds to the various needs of residents handles client requests for room renovations and house cleaning, vacuum tube exchanges, fitting adjustments and other requests. In response to an increasing demand for dried food ration sets, emergency evacuation bags, safety devices that prevent furniture from toppling during disasters and other disaster prevention goods as well replacement filters for water purification kits, the Center sells all these items at preferential rates.
The Mitsubishi Estate Group wants to cultivate ties with clients that last throughout their lifetimes. Accordingly, we will continue to implement various initiatives to maximize client value and client satisfaction.

Mitsubishi Jisho Residence Club

The Mitsubishi Estate Group unified four member organizations previously managed independently by Group companies for the sake of contracted clients and potential clients and opened the Mitsubishi Jisho Residence Club as a new integrated membership organization across all Group companies involved in the residential business. Mitsubishi Jisho Residence Club is the first membership organization for contracted and potential clients in the industry and has a target clientele of approximately 600,000 households. Going forward the Group will use the Mitsubishi Jisho Residence Club to provide information about residence-related Group services (renovations, buying and selling agencies, newly built houses and condos, interior decoration, etc.) through its website and a custom app. Moreover it has prepared a wide-ranging menu of over 160 members-only special privileges such as fun events and real estate seminars for contracted clients only, all of which makes it a platform for communication with clients that draws on the combined strengths of the Mitsubishi Estate Group.
In addition, the Mitsubishi Jisho Residence Club Lounge was opened in front of JR Yurakucho Station as a real-time consultation window for the membership organization, providing a one-stop service for clients where experienced concierges offer free consultations and information about residence-related events.

Photo:Mitsubishi Jisho Residence Club Lounge

Mitsubishi Jisho Residence Club Lounge

Changing Home Layouts without Renovation

The Parkhouse Toyocho Residence is a condominium offered by Mitsubishi Jisho Residence that revolutionizes previous concepts of what a condo should look like and aims to provide the kind of living spaces and layouts that clients truly long for. Working around the concept of a transforming house, the condominium offers a plan where clients can change their houses without renovation by selecting the color, height and design of the movable furniture that divides the living room and also select where they will be installed to suit their lifestyles.

Photo:The Parkhouse Toyocho Residence

The Parkhouse Toyocho Residence

Condominium Household Account Books

As part of the Eco Eyes initiative, Mitsubishi Jisho Residence and MEC eco LIFE have been distributing Condominium Household Account Books to prospective The Parkhouse condominium buyers. The account book presents “home fuel consumption,” which shows the electricity charges for air conditioning and heating; “lifestyle fuel costs” for electricity costs for electrical appliances such as lighting, water and sewage costs and gas rates and “other costs,” which covers maintenance costs for the condominium. This gives a full picture of the total costs of living in a condominium.
This kind of initiative is a first in the industry and has won acclaim for its efforts at stimulating customers' environmental awareness and creating new standards for selecting condominiums. It was selected for the fiscal 2015 Good Design Best 100, and was chosen for the Environment Minister's Award for Global Warming Prevention Activity.

A Variety of Environmental Conservation Proposals for Condominium Management Associations

Mitsubishi Jisho Community creates an Environmental Conservation and Energy Saving Plan Proposal for all condominium management associations in properties sold by the company which are over three years old. After the proposal to install LED lights in the communal areas was completed by fiscal 2015, in fiscal 2017 they formulated a new proposal, "Regular inspections of air conditioning based on the Amended Act for Rationalized Use and Proper Management of Fluorocarbons" and began the initiative.
Furthermore, as part of helping to raise the value of the residences, since the lawn in the canal garden where children used to play at one condominium was in poor condition, the company suggested that the board of directors sow clover seeds there. The children also helped with seed planting after coming home from kindergarten, making it an impromptu but highly enjoyable clover planting event.
Replacing the plants in the visible parts of the shared areas was an improvement both in terms of management and appearance, and from an environmental perspective it brought joy to those living there.
We will continue to communicate with condominium residents and help improve their living conditions going forward.

Photo:Digging up the patchy lawn (1)

Digging up the patchy lawn (1)

Photo:Digging up the patchy lawn (2)

Digging up the patchy lawn (2)

Photo:The green lawn after planting clover

The green lawn after planting clover

Owner's Survey

Mitsubishi Estate Home has converted the owner's survey it carries out to improve customer service into a database and is sharing it with the rest of the company. According to the results of the 2016 survey, over 97% of owners were either "Satisfied" or "Fairly Satisfied" with management at the time of handing over, a highly positive evaluation carried on from the previous year. 91% of owners were also "Satisfied" or "Fairly Satisfied" with their properties one year after handing over, which was more positive feedback for us.
This is the outcome of focusing on strengthening our customer service in the course of a residential development project that offers home consulting from the meeting stage to long lasting after service.
We will strive to provide better customer service in the future through product planning and by improving our responses from a client's viewpoint.

Eyes Plus: Turning Client Requests into Products

Mitsubishi Jisho Residence endeavors to listen to our clients' wishes at all times and provide products that truly delight them. In June 2013 it founded Eyes Plus and Eyes Plus Lab to turn that desire into reality.
Eyes Plus is an initiative that turns client desires into product improvement opportunities. It collects opinions from clients through interviews, surveys and review posted online, requests during after service visits and wishes expressed during showroom visits, and reflects them in product improvement and in the creation of new products. The center of this activity is Eyes Plus Lab, the product development laboratory. They combine client opinions with a professional's perspective to add extra value to the products that make a house feel like a home
The 13 kitchen and other products developed through this initiative are named with the "Eyes Plus" label and have already been installed in several The Parkhouse condominiums, but the company will continue to work hard to increase the value provided to clients by placing an emphasis on client opinions and responding to changes in living styles.

Photo:Launched in April 2015 Eyes Plus Storage Linen

Launched in April 2015
Eyes Plus Storage Linen

Photo:Launched in April 2015 Eyes Plus Lavatory

Launched in April 2015
Eyes Plus Lavatory

Photo:Launched in April 2015 Eyes Plus Bathroom

Launched in April 2015 Eyes Plus Bathroom

Increasing client loyalty by introducing the NPS Scheme

For our clients, the purchase of a condominium is a life-changing decision. Mitsubishi Jisho Residence has introduced the NPS (Net Promoter Score) to measure client loyalty not only before they make the purchase but also after they move in. Surveys are administered to clients at every phase - from the initial visit to contract signing to handing over, a year after moving in and two years after moving in - to gauge client endorsement levels. The reasons given are also noted and presented to the relevant departments as feedback to help improve products and services. While the comments received are occasionally harsh, the NPS scheme is still a valuable resource that helps the company boost client loyalty even higher.

Creating the User's Smart Guide

Mitsubishi Jisho House Net began creating "Users Smart Guide," a guidebook for residents of rented condominiums, in June 2012. It distributed them to residents, mainly those in The Parkhabio condominiums. The company considered which topics to include based on frequency and urgency of incoming calls at call centers and compiled them all into one guidebook (revised in July 2017) after much discussion.
The book contains a wealth of useful and important information that tenants need to know about living in a rented condominium. It starts with a "Move-in Checklist" which is a list of procedures to follow when moving in. It also includes chapters like "Basic Rules of Condominium Living," which talks about manners when living in a rented condo, "Living in Comfort" which explains how maintenance is carried out, "If You Have a Problem or If Something Goes Wrong" which helps users resolve problems, and an "Anti-Crime/Disaster Manual" so readers can stay calm when the unexpected occurs.
The guidebook has been enthusiastically received by residents for its illustrations and easily-understandable explanations.


Improving Client Satisfaction with Architectural Design Management Operations

Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei strives to improve client satisfaction as part of its ISO 9001 quality management system. The company has compiled a list of "Don'ts" for design management operations which is shared on the company's intranet. Moreover, when a project is complete the whole project is analyzed and assessed using the level of compliance with the client's requests as the standard.

Results of Client Survey (Evaluation and Requests for Improvement when Ordering Designs or Construction) (surveyed in FY 2017)

Graph:Results of Client Survey (Evaluation and Requests for Improvement when Ordering Designs or Construction) (surveyed in FY 2017)