Official Indicators and Explanations

Building Signage Design and Universal Design

It is important that street and building signs be easily understood at a glance, even by people seeing them for the first time. Mitsubishi Estate has created a “Sign Design Book,” and we have installed uniform information signs based on this book on streets primarily in the Otemachi, Marunouchi, and Yurakucho areas, as well as inside and outside buildings and in underground passages (underground urban areas).
Because surveys have shown that native speakers of Chinese and Korean account for 70% of tourists who visit Japan, we have installed street information signs in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean along Marunouchi Naka-Dori Street. We are displaying building names in four languages in the entrances of buildings in the Otemachi, Marunouchi, and Yurakucho areas.
By installing these signs, we enable visitors to the Otemachi, Marunouchi, and Yurakucho areas to enjoy walking around without any worries.

Photo:Street information sign (detail)

Street information sign (detail)

Photo:Street information sign (wide view)

Street information sign (wide view)

Photo:Building name displayed in four languages

Building name displayed in four languages

Photo:Underground urban area information sign

Underground urban area information sign

Cafe-style Tourist Information Center with Category 3 Certification under the Tourist Information Center (TIC) Certification Program

In order to accommodate international travelers to Sunshine City, a major complex facility operated by SunshineCity Corporation, the company is improving its efforts not only physically through information signs and similar provisions, but also on the personnel side by providing language training for its information center staff. The Glocal Cafe, which opened in March 2018, is the first facility in the Ikebukuro area to be Category 3 certified - the highest level by the International Tourist Information Certification System implemented by the Japan National Tourism Organization. At the same time, the company has also obtained Category 1 certification at four other Sunshine City information centers.
The Category 3 certification standard requires a system that can regularly provide tourist information in English and at least two other languages. Other strict standards must also be met, such as being open all year around and offering Wi-Fi as a rule, as well as the ability to provide tourist information for destinations throughout Japan. As of January 31, 2018, only 47 facilities in Japan had received this certification. Going forward, Glocal Cafe and information centers will collaborate to improve the services provided to international travelers who visit Sunshine City.

Photo:Glocal Cafe

Glocal Cafe

Enabling Easier Use of Commercial Facilities by International Visitors

Aqua City Odaiba, which is managed and operated by Mitsubishi Jisho Retail Property Management, has introduced multilingual information personnel, floor guides, and website, as well as the “Multilingual Interpretation Service*1” in order to improve the services provided to international travelers, who have become more numerous.
Additionally, we installed multilingual digital touch-panel signage in January 2014 as a business that qualifies for the Tokyo Waterfront City MICE Hub Promotion Project*2 promoted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and in November of the same year, we installed nighttime illumination along the West Promenade. Furthermore, as a business that qualifies for the Tokyo Waterfront City Hospitality Advancement Project*3, we have had a tourist information android named Junko Chihira developed by Toshiba who speaks three languages (Japanese, English, and Chinese) stationed at Aqua City Odaiba since November 2015. In March 2016, we increased the number of building information signs that accommodate four languages (five written languages: Japanese, English, Korean, and Chinese in simplified and traditional characters), and these efforts have strengthened our measures to accommodate inbound tourism by coordinating not only building information, but also local tourist information.
Furthermore, Mitsubishi Estate and Mitsubishi Jisho Property Management began distributing “Voice Translation for Customers,” a proprietary translation app developed specifically for commercial businesses to serve customers, to approximately 45 commercial facilities in the Marunouchi and Yokohama areas in November 2016. This app is intended to improve the services provided to international tourists and foreign workers who work in these areas. It uses the multilingual voice translation app developed by the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) as its underlying system. During its test period, feedback from roughly 1,000 commercial tenants was referenced, and 3,000 words and phrases useful for providing service were added.

*1 This is a service that assists international travelers who speak English, Chinese, or Korean and have difficulty making themselves understood to store staff when they shop by allowing store staff to communicate through a call center interpretation operator.

*2 This is a project to subsidize private companies recognized as being highly effective contributors to establishing the Tokyo Waterfront City as a MICE destination and international tourist hub - an initiative by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to establish the Tokyo Waterfront City as a major center for MICE and international tourism. “MICE” is an acronym for “Meetings, Incentive travel, Conventions, and Exhibitions.”

*3 This is a subsidy system established by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to facilitate the success of the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games and to establish the Tokyo Waterfront City as a MICE destination and international tourist hub by encouraging the creation of new tourism-related resources by private companies in the Tokyo Waterfront City and by developing a receptive environment for international visitors.

Photo:Junko Chihira, the tourist information android

Junko Chihira, the tourist information android

Photo:Multilingual digital
touch-panel sign

Multilingual digital touch-panel sign

Photo:Using an app to assist a customer

Using an app to assist a customer

Photo:App screenshots

App screenshots

Responsible Advertising Activities

Mitsubishi Jisho Residence CO., Ltd. has created a “Real Estate Advertisement Creation Manual” that we revise as necessary. We interpret the regulations and conduct our business in conformance with our obligations established by the real estate advertising rules set forth in the “Fair Competition Codes Concerning Indication of Real Estate” and “Fair Competition Codes Concerning Limitations on Premiums Provided by Real Estate Businesses.” In view of specific cases experienced in the course of conducting our business, we have clarified our policies with regard to various scenarios and have compiled them in an easy-to-understand, practical manual.
It can be used as a guide for sales activities and designing advertisements, of course, but we also provide it to people associated with the real estate business to be applied as a reference manual for conducting activities in an autonomously ethical manner. We strive to ensure we never betray our customers' trust by encouraging false expectations or by failing to inform customers of things that would be to their disadvantage.

Preventing Soil Pollution Around Condominiums

Mitsubishi Jisho Residence conducts soil pollution studies prior to acquiring property for development, and we enact soil pollution prevention measures and remedies as needed.
The employee in charge uses a property acquisition checklist to review the property, and a further review of that information is carried out by a dedicated surveying company. The acquisition of property comes with the obligation to attach and submit the dedicated surveying company's survey report , and after making an acquisition decision, we are obligated to have a dedicated surveying company conduct a detailed survey (history survey) regardless of whether there is any danger posed by pollution. For the land sales contract, we clarify the duties and responsibilities of the land's seller with regard to pollution, and we implement whatever measures are necessary.

Assisting Customers During Condominium Site Acquisition

Image:Assisting Customers During Condominium Site Acquisition