Initiatives Including Support for Reconstruction Following the Great East Japan Earthquake

MARU de MIYAGI Event Supporting Reconstruction Following the Great East Japan Earthquake

The Mitsubishi Estate Group has jointly held MARU de MIYAGI, a yearly event supporting reconstruction following the Great East Japan Earthquake, with Kahoku Shimpo Publishing since 2014. It takes place at Marucube on the first floor of the Marunouchi Building in Tokyo. In FY2017, the fifth annual event was held over the two days from March 1-2, 2018. It included a talk by Sandwich Man, a duo of comedians from Miyagi Prefecture; a performance by Oshu/Sendai hospitality group Date Bushotai; a market selling processed foodstuffs from Miyagi Prefecture; and exhibitions of initiatives in the prefecture by different companies and organizations
The event's slogan is, “Miyagi in Marunouchi: Find and Discover.” To ensure memories of the Great East Japan Earthquake remain fresh, and to draw people to the disaster-affected areas for economic recovery, it shares new, appealing features of Miyagi Prefecture's industries and regions. The Mitsubishi Estate Group will continue its activities to support reconstruction in Tohoku, which was affected by the disaster.




Supporting Producers in the Tohoku Area with Rebirth Tohoku Food Project

The Mitsubishi Estate Group has worked with the Marunouchi Chef 's Club* since November 2011 to administer the Rebirth Tohoku Food Project. This project supports the food and food brands of the Tohoku area, which was severely damaged in the Great East Japan Earthquake. The Group highlights the appeal of foods from the affected regions by developing new products and menus using ingredients from the Tohoku area and holding the Reconstruction Marche, and continues to disseminate information and cultivate networks to support the Tohoku area's recovery. Eight events have been held to date. The Group will continue to offer programs to link the Marunouchi and Tohoku area.

* Organization established in 2009 and chaired by Yukio Hattori, the promoter of the Food Education Marunouchi project, which involves 26 top chefs specializing in Japanese, French, Italian and Asian cuisines.

Logo:Rebirth Tohoku Food Project

Eat Heartily Tohoku Canned Food Series

One of the initiatives in the Rebirth Tohoku Food Project is Eat Heartily Tohoku, a total of six original canned products developed jointly with chefs in Miyagi Prefecture in the Tohoku area and local marine processing companies in Ishinomaki and Kesennuma from fiscal 2013 to fiscal 2015. The goal is to support the marine product industry and marine processing industry in Miyagi Prefecture, not just for the economic effect but also to foster a new sense of community in the local area that is effective in resolving issues specific to the area.
Starting with the first series, launched in March 2014, new types are added to the second and third series each year for a total of six products that have been developed. These products have won many prizes, including the Good Design Award, the Special Award in the Japan Management Association's KAIKA Awards 2014, the Excellence Award in the Agricultural, Forestry and Fishery Product Category of the Food Action Nippon Award and the Special Prize for Reconstruction Support in the Japan Disaster Preparation Food Awards. As of March 31, 2018, 101,000 products have been sold, for a total value of approximately 44,000,000 yen.
We have started using the network cultivated in this project for new region-led initiatives connected to the next generation. We will continue to share the appealing qualities of the region and help raise society's awareness of the importance of disaster preparedness through these products.

Photo:The original Eat Heartily Tohoku canned food series

The original Eat Heartily Tohoku canned food series

Tohoku Bunnoichi Project to Share the Charm of Tohoku With its Residents

A survey indicated that, although people from outside Tohoku believe its six prefectures are appealing, many local residents do not feel the same way. Based on this, Mitsubishi Jisho Retail Property Management planned the Tohoku Bunnoichi Project to share the charm of Tohoku with its residents.
Since FY2017, the event space in Izumi Park Town Tapio (a shopping center in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture) is being provided as a place for groups working on regional reconstruction to display information about their locales' famous products, sightseeing spots, culture, and more.

Logo:Tohoku Bunnoichi Project

Tohoku Bunnoichi Project

In-house Donation Program

Mitsubishi Jisho Community has worked with Mitsubishi Estate on social contribution activities through measures such as contributing donation money after disasters and volunteering. It planned a system in which specific amounts are donated from employees' monthly wages as a way to make more broad-ranging, sustainable social contributions.
Employees can choose to participate in the new Matching Gift Program, in which Mitsubishi Jisho Community matches the total donations of employees once a year. The donations are given to Chance for Children (CFC), which works to resolve childhood poverty - an increasingly serious issue in recent years. Some children in Japan cannot receive sufficient education because of economic reasons. Children raised in poor households do not have sufficient educational opportunities, so they tend to have poor academic abilities and difficulty finding stable employment.
CFC still receives many requests for help from children and guardians who have fallen into poverty in the area affected by Great East Japan Earthquake, one of CFC's activity bases. By expanding and continuing this program, Mitsubishi Jisho Community and its employees will join together on continual efforts to help restore the affected areas (including Tohoku), and support the learning of as many children - who will uphold the future of Japan - as possible.