Social Contribution Activity Guidelines and Track Record

Guidelines on Social Contribution Activities and Process

The Mitsubishi Estate Group established our Guidelines on Social Contribution Activities in April 2008, revising the Social Contribution Activity Philosophy (created in 1994) from viewpoints including changing social issues and the necessity of Group-wide initiatives. Group companies abide by these guidelines when conducting their activities.

Mitsubishi Estate Group Guidelines on Social Contribution Activities

1. Solutions to social issues together with corporate growth
As a good corporate citizen, we work to resolve social issues with the added benefit of achieving corporate growth through such activities.
2. Development of activities characteristic of the Mitsubishi Estate Group
We carry out unique social contribution activities, both within and outside its business spheres, which are characteristic of the Group and utilize its management resources.
3. Ties with community
We engage in transparent and fair activities in affiliation with various groups, based on equal footing, trust and dialogue.
4. Priority areas
We prioritize harmony with the local community, support for culture and the arts, environmental conservation and social welfare.

Social Contribution Activity Track Record

Social contribution activity results (FY2017)

Activity category Management resources invested (input) Activity results (output)
Culture/fine arts Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum
La Folle Journée au Japon Marunouchi Area Concert
Mitsubishi Estate Artium
Number of visitors: 367,679
Number of visitors: About 50,000

Number of visitors: About 59,293
Academic research Support for operating the Ancient Orient Museum  
Local community activities “Experience Nature” Project (13 tours held)
Eco Kids Expedition
Number of participants: 370 (single year) / 2,324 (cumulative)
Number of participants: 562
Environment Uchimizu (Water Sprinkling) Project Number of participants: About 2,650
Disaster aid Rebirth Tohoku Food Project
Tour of Onagawa Town, Miyagi Prefecture (for Mitsubishi Estate Group employees)
Number of cans sold: About 19,213
Number of participants: 33
Sports Sports events, support for professional sports teams  
Social welfare Kira Kira Art Competition Number of Mitsubishi Estate Group employees participating in the judging event: 512 (over three days)
Mitsubishi Estate Shall We Concert (five schools)
Number of applications: 1,512
Number of people who wrote exhibition messages: 3,460

Number of participants: About 1,700
Health/medical care Marunouchi Infirmary Number of participants in Marunouchi Infirmary 862
NPO foundation building Support for the Japan NPO Center, etc.  
Historic landmark/traditional culture preservation Support for the Japan National Trust, etc.  
International exchange/cooperation Group employee participation in picture book-distribution activities by the Shanti Volunteer Association (one time)
Support for Japan Platform, etc.
Number of participants: 100
  Membership in human rights groups  
Education Cooperation for environmental education at local schools (two times) Number of student participants: 150
Support for building disaster-resistant cities Number of buildings that are to take in stranded commuters or serve as tsunami evacuation sites under agreements with local government authorities 20 sites
Number of buildings recognized as barrier-free under
Barrier Free Law 13 buildings and projects

Social Contribution Activity Expenditure Breakdown

Breakdown of social contribution activity expenditures (FY2017)

Graph:Breakdown of social contribution activity expenditures (FY2017)

Social contribution activity expenditure history

  FY2015 FY2016 FY2017
Social contribution activity expenditures (million yen) 1,748 1,921 1,899
Ratio to income before taxes and special items (%) 1.21 1.13 1.0