Building Communities

Working with Partners on a Wide Range of Urban Development Events

Mitsubishi Estate has selected the Marunouchi area as its home base for urban development in harmony with society as it pursues activities that bring people from various walks of life together so they can learn from each other.

The Food Education Marunouchi Initiatives

Mitsubishi Estate began a project known as Food Education Marunouchi Initiatives in 2008. 280,000 people work in the Marunouchi area, and it is roughly estimated to generate approximately 30% of Japan's GDP. Thus it can be said that helping workers there become physically and mentally healthy through food helps to energize Japan as a whole.
In 2009, we also launched the Marunouchi Chef's Club composed mainly of chefs running establishments in the Marunouchi area. We have carried out over 200 projects in ten years of activity. These include offering limited edition original lunches prepared by first-rate chefs, "Seasonal Chef's Lunches" that teach diners about recipes and about the district, the "Marunouchi Gramme Marché" that encourages communication between producers and consumers through sales by volume, "Eat Academy" which turns restaurants into places of learning and "Will Conscious Marunouchi," which supports women's health and lifestyles.
Through Food Education Marunouchi Initiatives, consumers, restaurants and producers and manufacturers will continue to work hand in hand to create a society that is healthy both mentally and physically.

Photo:Marunouchi Chef's Club

Marunouchi Chef's Club

Building Closer Ties with Producers at the Marunouchi Gramme Marché

Mitsubishi Estate holds the Marunouchi Gramme Marché, an event featuring sales by volume, in the Marucube on the first floor of the Marunouchi Building as part of Food Education Marunouchi Initiatives. It features a lineup of seasonal foods from producers all over Japan. What makes Marunouchi Gramme Marché unique is that visitors can buy the exact amount of the ingredients they need while minimizing waste and buyers and sellers can enjoy communicating with each other.
12 establishments participated in fiscal 2017, spearheaded by young producers who are working on building networks and improving communication to bring safe products to consumers while also pursuing the true flavor of produce under the theme, "Fresh Challenge - A New Venture."

Photo:The Marunouchi Gramme Marché

The Marunouchi Gramme Marché

Linking People to the Community with the Eco Kids Explorers & Visiting Lectures

Three local urban development organizations have been running experience-based educational programs for children since 2006. These programs, which help children learn while having fun, include tour programs that get them out into nature, Kids Marché events to let them experience selling, and scientific experiment classes. 10,629 children had taken part by 2017, 12 years after the programs started. Since fall, the organizations have also been arranging visiting lectures at elementary schools in Chiyoda-ku.

Photo:Eco Kids Explorers

The Otemachi, Marunouchi and Yurakucho Summer Festival

Mitsubishi Estate is the presiding company of the Council for Area Development and Management of Otemachi, Marunouchi and Yurakucho. The Council organizes the Otemachi, Marunouchi and Yurakucho Summer Festival every year, a popular summer attraction. During the festival, an event called "Uchimizu in Marunouchi" is held. Uchimizu means sprinkling water to cool the ground. It is one of Japan's traditional lifestyle practices and is aimed at alleviating the heat island phenomenon. Purified recycled water made from building wastewater is used for the event, which raises the environmental awareness of employees and attendees and also provides a platform for interaction between different companies.

Photo:Uchimizu at the Marunouchi event site

Uchimizu at the Marunouchi event site

Mitsubishi Estate Manages the Otemachi-Marunouchi Town Council Secretariat

Mitsubishi Estate served as the Secretariat of the Otemachi-Marunouchi Town Council, made up of businesses, stores and organizations in the area, since the Council was established in 1957. The Town Council organizes friendship events to build mutual trust between members. In addition to holding various social events designed to deepen ties between members, the Council plays a role in reflecting the members' collective wishes in government measures and in working with the government to maintain public peace, prevent disasters and enhance the environment. A sub-group of the Council, the Committee for Neighborhood Improvement in the Otemachi and Marunouchi Area, has carried out environmental patrols every month since 2002 to beautify the area around Tokyo Station.

Photo:The environmental patrol around Tokyo Station (clean-up activities)

The environmental patrol around Tokyo Station (clean-up activities)

Number of participants in seminars and events held by community development groups

11,120 people a year

Initiatives for Regional Revitalization

In September 2016, Mitsubishi Estate entered a cooperative agreement with Mitsubishi's finance companies and five regional financial institutions for regional revitalization in Nagano Prefecture. The group uses the networks, knowledge and client base of each company to engage in activities under such themes as Encouraging Industry, Stimulating the Local Economy and Urban Development. Furthermore, in February 2017, they formed a three-party cooperative arrangement with Miyazaki Prefecture and The Association for Creating Sustainability in Urban Development of the Otemachi, Marunouchi, and Yurakucho Districts (commonly known as the Ecozzeria Association) to encourage efforts aimed at driving business growth in Miyazaki Prefecture.
There are various issues to tackle such as aging and depopulation, market expansion and business succession when trying to revitalize a region. The company has set up the 3x3 Lab Future on the first floor of the Otemon Tower-JX Building to collaborate with regions across the country and work towards solving these issues through events like seminars and workshops, providing information and facilitating personal interactions.
Mitsubishi Estate will continue to use the experiences gained through urban development in various places to help with regional revitalization in a variety of ways.

Photo:The cooperative agreement for regional revitalization in Nagano Prefecture

The cooperative agreement for regional revitalization in Nagano Prefecture

Photo:The agreement conclusion ceremony with Miyazaki Prefecture and the Ecozzeria Association

The agreement conclusion ceremony with Miyazaki Prefecture and the Ecozzeria Association

Encouraging Urban Development in Suburban Cities

The rate of urban drift in Japan is accelerating as the population begins to concentrate in large metropolises with a focus on Tokyo, deepening the gap between urban and rural areas. In the midst of this, a growing number of suburban cities are making moves to stimulate and revive their local areas. However many of them lack human resources with enough knowledge and experience to make their goal a reality.
In response to these social issues, the Mitsubishi Estate Group uses its wealth of knowhow, experience and personal networks gained through its various businesses to support urban development and regional revitalization projects that help to stimulate suburban cities. To provide this support, we focus on listening carefully to the locals and thinking together with the residents about the kind of future they envision.
We provided support for independent urban development in cities like Kagoshima and Nagasaki before fiscal 2017.