The Mitsubishi Estate Group is carrying out various initiatives both internally and externally to help realize a sustainable society, including work style reforms following the relocation of its headquarters, becoming a signatory to the UN Global Compact, and establishing a Group-wide policy on human rights.

Signed the United Nations Global Compact (April 2018)

In April 2018, the Mitsubishi Estate Group became a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact. Our corporate slogan is "A Love for People. A Love for the City" and our Group mission is to contribute to society through urban development. Henceforth Mitsubishi Estate will uphold the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact and endeavor to respect human rights, eliminate unfair labor, protect the environment and avoid corruption as it continues to contribute to the development of a sustainable world by establishing targets and policies suited to its business and pursuing them using the PDCA management cycle.

Logo: UN Global Compact

Established the Mitsubishi Estate Group Human Rights Policy (April 2018)

In recent years, the advance of globalization has pushed corporate activities beyond national borders, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become more sophisticated and international. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted by the UN in 2015, and momentum has been building for "ESG investment," in which investors select companies that consider the environment (E), society (S), and governance (G) as the targets of their investment.
The Mitsubishi Estate Group established the "Mitsubishi Estate Group CSR Procurement Guidelines" and other initiatives that advocate "respect for human rights and diversity," and has given consideration to human rights and the environment through the Group's business activities. In addition, the Group established the Mitsubishi Estate Group Human Rights Policy in April 2018, even more deeply considering the rights of every single party involved in the Group's businesses.

Revised the Mitsubishi Estate Group Guidelines for Conduct (April 2018)

Mitsubishi Estate Group is expanding its fields of business in Japan and abroad, a process that comes with increasingly sophisticated and globalized social responsibilities. To fulfill these responsibilities and increase true corporate value, the Group as a whole needs to work together according to share a sense of values and standard of conduct.
To that end we revised the Guidelines for Conduct that direct our daily actions while also ensuring that we all abide by a set of universal goals and values governed by the Code of Conduct, which is designed to lead to the realization of our Group mission.
The revision involved rephrasing the Guidelines in simple, easy-to-follow language and reorganizing them under five core values - Compliance, Sustainability, Communication, Human Rights and Diversity, and Individual Effort.

Issued the Mitsubishi Estate Green Bond (June 2018)

To raise funds for the Tokyo Station Tokiwabashi Project currently under development in front of the Nihonbashi exit of Tokyo Station, Mitsubishi Estate issued the Mitsubishi Estate Green Bond, the first in Japan from an integrated real estate company. Green bonds are bonds specifically earmarked for use in business projects that help to solve environmental problems. The project this bond was issued for is designed with several features that aim to reduce its burden on the environment. These include the establishment of a large-scale biodiverse public space and a plan to obtain DBJ Green Building certification, an environmental certification for real estate properties with high environmental and social awareness.

Image: the Tokyo Station Tokiwabashi Project

Established The Consumer-Oriented Declaration of Independence

The Mitsubishi Estate Group established the Consumer-Oriented Declaration of Independence on April 1, 2018.