Work Health and Safety

Work Accident Data

(Note) Work accident data (excluding accidents occurring while commuting) for fiscal 2017

Mitsubishi Estate
Total accidents 2 cases
Deaths 0 cases
Lost working time 0 cases
Total working days lost 0 cases

Promotion of Health Management

Mitsubishi Estate issued the Health Management Declaration in October 2016 to systematize the initiatives and plans that the company and the health insurance union had carried out thus far, make clear top management's commitment, and ensure further improvements in maintaining and improving employee health. The company also makes commitments to safety and hygiene in its labor agreements, and strives to protect employee health and safety through health checkups and safety education.
The company has introduced a work management system that is linked with computer log-on/off time so that supervisors can follow employees' work conditions. Supervisors also meet one-on-one with their subordinates to discuss workload and task difficulty so they can understand conditions that may impact their health. Any employee who works more than 90 hours of overtime in a month is encouraged to have a checkup with an occupational physician. As such, Mitsubishi Estate is dedicated to taking measures that help employees manage their health. Moreover, beginning in fiscal 2017 a subsidy program was set up for health-promoting programs (sports activities, checkups not covered by health insurance, etc.) for employees with the "Cafeteria Plan."* Under the plan, the company provides a free breakfast to prevent missed meals and holds in-house exercise events along with other measures aimed at improving employee health.
In order to promote work-life balance, the company adopted a flex-time schedule for all employees in fiscal 2016, and implemented initiatives such as the “positive off movement” to help employees make plans to take days off and encourage them to take paid leave. In fiscal 2017, an hourly paid vacation program was introduced as part of the company's efforts to create a comfortable working environment.

* This program enables employees to use points allotted to them to choose programs from a menu set by the company (sports activities, checkups not covered by health insurance, etc.).

Average number of hours of overtime per month (Mitsubishi Estate Group*)
*Made up of three companies: Mitsubishi Estate, Mitsubishi Jisho Residence and Mitsubishi Jisho Property Management

Average for the three companies: 17.21 hours

Managing Employee Health through Medical Examinations

Mitsubishi Estate carries out a scheduled medical examination once a year for all employees to help them maintain and improve their health. In 2016, the company added electrocardiographs and stomach ultrasounds (for persons 35 and older) to further improve detection of lifestyle diseases. We also take the time to provide follow-up examinations, urgent examinations and meetings with occupational physicians depending on the results of the medical examinations. To improve the screening rate, individual notices with information about medical examinations are sent to people who miss their examinations. (Fiscal 2017 medical examination rate: 97.95%)

Rate of personnel undergoing medical examinations (headquarters)

Graph:Rate of personnel undergoing medical examinations (head office)