Sharing Mitsubishi Estate Group's Urban Development with the World

The Mitsubishi Estate Group operates globally. Since Mitsubishi Estate New York was established in 1972, we have expanded our real estate development and rental business in the U.S., the U.K. and Asia, making the most of our track record and wide-ranging network. We are engaged in socially and environmentally conscious urban planning with people in these regions.

  • Initiatives in Europe
  • Initiatives in Asia
  • Initiatives in the United States

● Locations of Major Mitsubishi Estate Group Projects
Overseas Group companies: 13
Number of buildings owned: 15
Development projects: 50

(As of March 2018)

Initiatives in the United States

Promoting real estate development that meets social needs in the U.S.

In the U.S., the Mitsubishi Estate Group carries out a wide range of projects, primarily through the Rockefeller Group International (RGI). In addition to owning and running large-scale office buildings in areas such as Manhattan in New York, the Group runs approximately 30 development projects in 10 states in the U.S., including offices, distribution facilities and residences. It aims to raise the value of real estate with a focus on environmental performance and therefore works to acquire LEED certification* on its new development buildings and existing buildings and to improve existing LEED scores.
In fiscal 2017, because of the demand for stronger distribution networks in the U.S. due to a sudden expansion in e-commerce, we started work on three distribution facility development projects we had been considering in New Jersey and California. In office development, we began to develop the Boro Tower, a 20-storey large-scale office building in Tysons, Virginia, in a joint effort with The Meridian Group.

* An environmental certification system administered by the U.S. Green Building Council

Projects Earning CertificationLogo:LEED certification

Photo:1221 Avenue of the Americas, New York


1221 Avenue of the Americas, New York

This building was completed in 1972 in Manhattan. Although it was LEED certified in 2009, it was awarded a Silver LEED rating in 2014 for improvements made to use water more efficiently.

Photo:Flushing Commons, New York

Flushing Commons, New York

This is a large-scale development consisting of residences, offices, commercial facilities, a public square, parking lots and a YMCA. This development has two phases, the first of which was completed in June 2017. The project aims to earn a Silver LEED rating for building and land use measures taken in consideration of energy conservation and the environment.

Working with the Community

Sustained volunteer activities at neighboring public grade schools

RGII carries out initiatives that contribute to society at public schools in New York City. In May 2017, they volunteered to paint the school building and plant trees at The Christa McAuliffe School. In September 2017, they repurposed an unused classroom into a reading room and in November the staff collected 83 winter coats and gave them to the students and to school-related personnel. By carrying out the activities in a sustained fashion throughout the year instead of just once, they are able to communicate with and connect with the hearts of the children at The Christa McAuliffe School.

Initiatives in Europe

Acquiring environmental certification when developing new properties

The Mitsubishi Estate Group has participated, through Mitsubishi Estate London, in the Paternoster Square Redevelopment Project and the Bow Bells House Redevelopment Project in the City of London, and the Central St. Giles Redevelopment Project in the West End. In April 2016, the Group completed 8 Finsbury Circus, also in the City, a redevelopment of an office building. Currently, we own nine office buildings in London and one in Paris. In 2016, Mitsubishi Estate London started work on 245 Hammersmith Road, a joint redevelopment project in the district of Hammersmith, a major transport hub in western London. The project is being designed to earn a BREEAM* “Excellent” rating, as part of the company's effort to demonstrate the superior environmental performance of its properties by acquiring environmental certifications.

* UK's Building Research Establishment's environmental assessment program for buildings

Projects earning certificationLogo:BREEAM

Photo:Central St. Giles, London


Central St. Giles, London

A joint redevelopment project with Legal & General, a major UK life insurance company, this complex covers a total floor area of 66,000 m² and comprises offices, retail shops and residences. Construction was completed in April 2010. The project earned a BREEAM “Excellent” rating, which was the highest possible at the time of application.

Photo:8 Finsbury Circus, London


8 Finsbury Circus, London

This project is a redevelopment of an office building located in the City of London, completed in April 2016. It achieved a BREEAM “Excellent” rating, the highest possible at the time of application.

Working with the Community

Cooperation with charity event Cycle to MIPIM

Mitsubishi Estate London co-sponsors “Cycle to MIPIM,” a charity event held every March in which participants cycle about 1,500 km from London to Cannes. The event coincides with MIPIM, the world's largest real estate convention, held in Cannes. Two employees rode in the event. The sponsorship money and the contributions collected by the riders are given to charity groups that support adoptions for disadvantaged children in the UK.

Photo:Cycle to MIPIM

Initiatives in Asia

Environmentally sound community planning in growing Asia

Mitsubishi Estate Asia was established in 2008. Since then, we have begun to operate office and housing development businesses in places like Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. We work actively to acquire Green Mark certification* for our development projects.
We also established Mitsubishi Estate (Shanghai) in 2013 and are involved in projects such as built-for-sale condominium projects in Shanghai, Suzhou and Chengdu and the development of a commercial complex in Taiwan. We strive to develop high-value-added communities that harmonize with the environment.
In fiscal 2017, the company began work on the Golden Shoe Car Park's redevelopment at central Singapore. This was a large-scale combined redevelopment project carried out jointly with CapitaLand Commercial Trust, a REIT listed on the Singapore Exchange and managed by the CapitaLand, a Singapore-based real estate company which is the largest in Asia, and its group companies. The project, which is expected to be completed in 2021, will involve the construction of a 51-storey multi-purpose building that includes offices, condominiums and car parks as well as commercial facilities for street stalls, a distinctively Singaporean feature.

* An environmental assessment program for buildings run by Singapore's Building and Construction Authority

Projects earning certificationLogo:Green Mark certification

Image:Sky Vue, Singapore


Sky Vue, Singapore

Sky Vue is a built-for-sale condominium complex jointly developed by Mitsubishi Estate Asia and CapitaLand Group. The complex earned Green Mark Gold Plus certification.

Image:Sky Habitat, Singapore

Gold plus

Sky Habitat, Singapore

Sky Habitat is a built-for-sale condominium complex jointly developed by Mitsubishi Estate Asia, CapitaLand Group and Shimizu. It also earned Green Mark Gold Plus certification.

Working with the Community

Expansion of built-for-sale condominium business in Thailand to a total of nine projects

In March 2016, Mitsubishi Jisho Residence established Premium Residence, the first built-for-sale condominium company established in Thailand by a Japanese company, joining forces with the local developer, AP (Thailand) Public Company. Four employees were sent over to the new company in Bangkok. In the RHYTHM Ekkamai project, sales began in September 2016, and all 326 units were sold in six days. Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei won acclaim for the concept design it proposed. The company has now jointly implemented nine such projects with AP, and it hopes to capitalize on the expertise built up in Japan as it delivers new value to Bangkok's housing market.

Photo:The RHYTHM Ekkamai project; all 326 units sold in six days

The RHYTHM Ekkamai project; all 326 units sold in six days