The Globalization of Marunouchi

Bringing Marunouchi to the World and the World to Marunouchi -
Creating Future Markets by Providing Business Support

At Mitsubishi Estate, we believe that the key to international competitiveness in urban development is the value-generation capacity we can build into an area. We strive to create communities that dynamically harmonize diverse elements and create new value. Mitsubishi Estate plays an active role in providing business development support to foreign companies looking to enter the Japanese market and small- and medium-sized venture companies in Japan aspiring to expand overseas. These efforts are intended to ensure that Marunouchi, the heart of the Japanese business world in central Tokyo, continues to attract businesses establishing a foothold in Asia.

Global Business Hub Tokyo, a Shared Workspace Linking Otemachi to the World

In July 2016, Mitsubishi Estate opened the Global Business Hub Tokyo* in the Otemachi Financial City Grand Cube. The hub provides business support to up-and-coming companies from overseas and cutting-edge Japanese venture businesses. By stimulating the creation of new businesses by attracting foreign companies among other strategies, Global Business Hub helps make Tokyo more internationally competitive.

* Run by the General Incorporated Association Global Business Hub Tokyo and staffed by Mitsubishi Estate



Marunouchi's globalization in numbers

Number of offices of foreign financial companies in Otemachi, Marunouchi and Yurakucho area

71 offices

Number of buildings connected to optical fiber in Otemachi, Marunouchi and Yurakucho area

62 buildings

Marunouchi Holiday - A Program for Experiencing Japanese Culture

As part of its drive to increase the appeal of the Marunouchi area, Mitsubishi Jisho Property Management planned and runs Marunouchi Holiday, a program that allows visiting foreign tourists to experience Japanese culture. The program originated from an idea proposed through the company's internal idea suggestion system. Trials began in April 2017 and the program was fully commercialized in January 2018. The concept behind Marunouchi Holiday is “Experiencing a Japanese-style holiday in Marunouchi.” Visitors get to ride a sightseeing rickshaw, a famous attraction of Kyoto and Asakusa. They can also visit well-established kimono shops and enjoy other traditional experiences without ever leaving the Marunouchi area. The program also offers visitors a taste of Japanese cuisine through collaborations with well-known restaurants specializing in Edo-style sushi and Kamakura soba noodles.
Mitsubishi Jisho Property Management will continue to create new value and commercialize content that attracts foreign tourists in order to increase the brand value of the Marunouchi area, a district that continues to grow as the heart of the Japanese business world.

Photo:Experiencing a Marunouchi Holiday

Experiencing a Marunouchi Holiday

A focus on sharing in the Marunouchi area

As the center of the Japanese economy, the Marunouchi area is home to a wealth of stores, restaurants, cultural facilities and events. Visitors therefore come for a wide variety of reasons ranging from business to sightseeing. Marunouchi is also the city in Japan with the greatest ease of transportation, with 20 train routes and 13 train stations including Tokyo Station as well as Yurakucho, Hibiya, Nijubashi and Otemachi. The area also provides the free Marunouchi shuttle bus service that travels around the district. With low-emission, low-noise vehicles that have low floors, the buses are friendly to both passengers and the environment with the aim of creating sustainable urban development from an ease of access perspective as well.