The Mission of Mitsubishi Estate Group

We contribute to society through urban development.
By building attractive, environmentally sound communities where people can live, work and relax with contentment, we contribute to creating a truly meaningful society.

Mitsubishi Estate Group Code of Conduct

In order to carry out the Group Mission, we pledge to observe the following Code of Conduct.

1. We will act with integrity.
We will base our conduct on laws and ethics and always reflect with humility upon our behavior, valuing our communication with society and placing priority in our corporate activities on earning trust through fairness and transparency.
2. We will strive to earn the trust of our clients.
We will approach all objectives from our clients' point of view, providing safe and reliable products and services, and make information available as appropriate.
3. We will strive to create a vibrant workplace.
While aiming at personal growth, we will respect the human rights and the diversity of opinion of others and increase our creativity and professionalism, while displaying our collective strengths as a team.

Mitsubishi Estate Group Guidelines for Conduct

Mitsubishi Estate Group’s Guidelines for Conduct set out specific standards for the activities and business approach of all of its managers and employees worldwide. The intention of the Guidelines is to instill a feeling of a united community so that we may realize together “who we aspire to be, how we aspire to be perceived, and what we should do in order to achieve these aspirations.”

Managers are expected to take the initiative and set an example in following the Guidelines and responding promptly and appropriately when issues or problems arise.

Exemplary actions in accordance with these values are commended and encouraged. Violations of the Code of Conduct may be subject to disciplinary actions in accordance with the established policies or rules of employment specific to Mitsubishi Estate Group or any of its subsidiaries.

We should always ensure that we comply with the Code of Conduct and the Guidelines for Conduct, and if ever in doubt about any action or practice, we should seek advice without hesitation.

We comply with all laws and regulations, and respect the social norms in the areas in which we conduct business. We establish and abide by corporate ethics, and respond to the expectations of a changing society. In addition:
  • We engage fairly in all business dealings
  • We manage and safeguard information appropriately
  • We engage in efforts to prevent corruption in any form
  • We refuse any and all criminal activities in our business dealings, and
  • We are highly sensitive and responsive to societal changes.
By creating long-term value through sound business practices, we endeavor to ensure continued improvements in corporate value, sustainable social development, and conservation of the global environment.
  • We create long-term value through our business practices
  • We actively work to address climate change and other global environmental issues
  • We strive to contribute positively to the resolution of social issues through our business actions and those of our managers and employees, and
  • We show respect for local history, cultures and customs.
Promoting communication
By pursuing active communication with our stakeholders, we work to build future-oriented relationships based on mutual trust.
  • We prioritize a constructive and productive dialogue with our stakeholders, including clients, business partners, shareholders, investors and local communities
  • We appropriately disclose information relating to our business practices
  • We facilitate good communication in the workplace, and
  • We are forward-looking and anticipate the needs and expectations of society.
Respect for human rights and diversity
We respect human rights and believe that diversity maximizes value.
  • We respect human rights at all times
  • We reject discrimination and harassment in any form
  • We strive to establish a creatives and competitive organization that safeguards and respects the beliefs of the individual as reflected in the diverse communities in which we work and live, and
  • We foster an open corporate culture in which all employees are encouraged to speak freely.
Empowering individuals
We work to create a vibrant workplace and in so doing pursue corporate growth through personal development as professionals and the practice of “Machizukuri”* in city and community development.
  • We all consider how we can contribute to society by practicing Machizukuri, the goal of creating happier, healthier and safer spaces in which to work and live,
  • We greatly value and encourage the physical and mental well-being of ourselves and colleagues through the creation of a vibrant and supportive workplace
  • We make every effort to maximize our professional expertise, competencies and capabilities, to enhance the contributions we make as individuals and as a team, and
  • We embrace change and constantly seek our next professional and personal challenge.

*Machizukuri is a unique concept of Mitsubishi Estate Group. Through “Machizukuri (original meaning: urban development), Mitsubishi Estate Group strives not only to develop high quality buildings and houses, but also to offer the benefit of happier, healthier, and safer spaces, to all people who gather, live, work and rest in the communities in which our buildings reside.