• We newly established the Innovation and Business Transformation Group as an organizational structure responsible for creating new businesses across the entire Group to drive the creation of new value with regard to business model innovation domains.
  • The Business Creation Department will (1) create new businesses unique to the Company while (2) leading efforts to create frameworks and promote open innovation initiatives aimed at creating new businesses for the Mitsubishi Estate Group.
  • The DX Promotion Department will (1) secure new sources of earnings and (2) increase earnings and enhance productivity by refining existing business models and work processes through the leveraging of digital technologies while (3) leading the establishment of a Groupwide IT platform and promotion of Group IT governance.

Image: Overview


Competitive Advantages

  • Our wide-ranging business portfolio in the real estate domain as a comprehensive developer.
  • Our B2C contact points with workers and visitors in area development districts such as Otemachi, Marunouchi, and Yurakucho, with visitors to retail facilities and airports, and with residents and other parties based on our position among the leading companies in Japan in terms of number of condominiums supplied and assets under management.
  • Relationships established with diverse tenants and corporate business partners, from leading major companies from various industries to start-up companies that have become tenants at our innovation hubs, including Inspired. Lab., FINOLAB, and EGG JAPAN.
A world where people and places are connected better online

Growth Strategies

  • In response to latent social needs, we will seek new earnings opportunities by accumulating and analyzing available data online and offline, with a focus on B2B and B2B2C contact points.
  • Leveraging our knowledge cultivated in the real estate business, we will expand our business domains by proactively cooperating with external partners. As a field for verifying the business structures born of such cooperation, the Group will utilize diverse real estate stock that it owns and manages (including agricultural facilities and meditation studios).
  • We will drive automation and laborsaving processes by using IT and digital tools, such as robotic process automation (RPA) and business chat tools, as means of increasing productivity with the power to propagate effects cross-organizationally and across the entire Group.
  • We will promote the increased efficiency and sophistication of real estate-related processes by leveraging technologies while creating new value and functions for real estate.
  • We will proactively conduct investments and accelerators to promote open innovation while leveraging our New Business Proposal system to uncover new business seeds from with the Company, thereby driving new business creation both internally and externally.

Business Creation Department

In February 2019, our investments in start-ups and venture companies in Japan and overseas, conducted mainly by our Business Creation Department, reached ¥10.0 billion (including commitments). As part of our efforts to create new businesses, we have established seven focus areas, including real estate tech, AI, and renewable energy, to generate new sources of earnings.
Further, in our Corporate Accelerator Program, in which we solicit proposals from venture companies and work closely with them, we received 72 entries in the third round of applications held in November 2019. For the five proposals deemed to be most promising, the Company has begun taking full-fledged measures to create new businesses with the provision of funding and commencement of services at its facilities.

Seven Focus Areas and Main Investment Targets for Creating New Businesses

Image: Seven Focus Areas and Main Investment Targets for Creating New Businesses

Meditation Studio (Medicha)

In April 2019, we established a new company, Medicha Co., Ltd. We operate this immersive experience studio combining meditation, art, and tea culture based on the concept of “a luxurious time to create a blank space for yourself.” Focusing on meditation, a self-care method that is attracting attention and the introduction of which is progressing centered on the wealthy demographic and sportspeople overseas, Medicha will create spaces to savor an immersive feeling and its own meditation programs in conjunction with professionals active on the front lines of various fields, including meditation, sound, lighting, and tea culture.
We will offer a luxurious time to busy workers suffering from too much stress in their daily lives so that they can reflect on themselves.

Inside a Medicha studio

Inside a Medicha studio


GYYM is an online service facilitating a new way to use fitness facilities. This service is an IT platform linking gym and studio facility operators with users. By matching gyms that want to attract customers and increase their profitability with the needs of users who want to find a gym that suits them and use it without wasting monthly membership fees (that is, people who want to pay as they use), we are able to offer environments for adults with busy daily lives to take exercise readily and freely.
Moreover, this service is of value to both parties as gym operators can keep down their advertising costs and reduce variations in demand depending on time slots.


DX Promotion Department

Security for Next-Generation Facilities

In August 2019, Mitsubishi Estate introduced SQ-2 autonomous mobile security robots, developed by SEQSENSE Inc., at the Otemachi Park Building to primarily stand guard. These robots were then introduced in December of the same year at the Otemachi Building to mainly conduct patrols. At the Otemachi Building, we achieved efficiency in terms of cost and processes by establishing a system whereby elevators and robots are linked and robots are able to get in and out of elevators automatically and by introducing two of these robots in place of two security guards.
Going forward, we plan to steadily install robots at locations where it is possible to transfer duties from people to robots in accordance with property characteristics, while aiming to further increase the efficiency and sophistication of processes by increasing coordination.

Security robot SQ-2

Security robot SQ-2

Utilization of Cleaning Robots

After verification, Mitsubishi Estate began transitioning to the full introduction of Whiz, a vacuum-cleaning robot made by Softbank Robotics, in May 2019 at several properties, including its offices, retail facilities, airports, hotels, condominiums, and logistics facilities.
In addition, we introduced Neo, a floor-scrubbing robot developed by Avidbots, at Yokohama Landmark Tower in April 2019, where floor scrubbing that takes seven hours and two people to do when done by hand can now be completed in two hours by one robot. In this way, the robot is helping make costs and processes more efficient. Going forward, we plan to examine the gradual introduction of cleaning robots that are able to operate without coming into contact with people, not only at offices but also at properties with large floor areas, such as airports and retail facilities.

Vacuum-cleaning robot Whiz

Vacuum-cleaning robot Whiz

Group Comprehensive IT Governance

The IT Management Unit of the DX Promotion Department works to develop the IT environment that underpins the competitiveness of the Mitsubishi Estate Group as a whole through the establishment, maintenance, and operation of applications and IT infrastructure used internally. In this process in particular, we aim to achieve overall, optimal Group IT operations while working closely with MEC Business System Solutions Co., Ltd., from the principal upstream processes of system development and conception planning to downstream processes such as actual implementation and operational management. Moreover, in a project for introducing RPA, we are producing results with regard to innovating the processes of back-office work by focusing on the business process re-engineering (BPR) of work flows and approval structures. On the other hand, in response to threats that change on a daily basis, such as unauthorized access by external parties, we are also focusing our efforts on cybersecurity measures.

Floor-scrubbing robot Neo

Floor-scrubbing robot Neo