The Mitsubishi Estate Group has approximately 50 years of experience in the condominium business. We have established a value chain to meet housing-related needs spanning from new development in Japan and overseas and rebuilding and redevelopment projects to purchasing and sales, brokerage, and management. We are also developing a wide range of businesses to meet diversifying lifestyle needs. Such businesses include rental housing, renovation, and investmentpurposed real estate.

Image: Business Concept

Image: Condominium Business, Redevelopment Projects and Large-Scale Development Projects, Rental Apartment Business, Non-Asset Business


Competitive Advantages

  • The power of The Parkhouse and The Parkhabio brands backed by outstanding technologies, uncompromising product quality control, and a long and extensive track record.
  • Quality control of The Parkhouse brand at all stages of the development process—from design and construction to completion—with “Check Eyes,” our quality management and performance indication system, which reflects our dedication to all aspects of the properties we offer.
  • Product-planning capabilities that ensure our buildings keep people safe through resilience in natural disasters and offer both comfort and cost performance and which respect the environment and the local region by paying careful attention to preserving biodiversity and helping realize a low-carbon society.
  • The ability to provide services to meet all housing-related needs.

Business Strategies

Domestic Condominiums

  • We aim to expand our customer base by strengthening our brand power through the enhancement of product appeal, reliability, and services and by leveraging said brand power to acquire loyal “fans.”
  • We intend to optimize material costs and construction costs by utilizing our leading business scale in residential condominium development in Japan.
  • We are promoting redevelopment projects that make full use of our abundant know-how related to real estate development and of the comprehensive capabilities of the Mitsubishi Estate Group.

Rental Apartments

  • We are aiming to stabilize segment profits through capital gains from rental apartments and other investment purposed properties in the Residential Business.

Non-Asset Type Businesses

  • We aim to strengthen non-asset type businesses involving existing properties in such areas as residence management, brokerage, custom-built housing, and renovation.

Residential Business Value Chain

  • We are providing one-stop services as a group making full use of all of the phases of the value chain, from land acquisition, development, sales, and management through to brokerage.

Progress on the Long-Term Management Plan 2030

Steady Promotion of the Condominium and Rental Apartment Businesses, Even amid COVID-19

In FY2021, despite being temporarily affected by closures of model rooms and other measures due to the spread of COVID-19, our condominium business saw an increase in the number of units sold compared with the previous fiscal year following a rise in interest in urban as well as suburban properties, resulting in low inventory levels at the end of the fiscal year. Although we are projecting a decline in the number of units sold in FY2022, we expect to maintain net sales on a par with FY2021 thanks to the completion of urban, high-end properties such as The Parkhouse Mita Garden Residence and Tower, The Parkhouse Takanawa Tower, and The Parkhouse Yokohama Shinkoyasu Front.
In our rental apartment business, we steadily secured investment opportunities, increasing the business’s total assets to approximately ¥117.0 billion as of March 31, 2021, up approximately ¥29.0 billion compared with the previous fiscal year-end.

Picture: The Parkhouse Mita Garden Residence and Tower

The Parkhouse Mita Garden Residence and Tower

Sustainability Initiative

Condominium Development Meeting Net-Zero-Energy House (ZEH-M Ready) Standards —
A First for The Parkhouse Series

In cooperation with Kintetsu Real Estate Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Estate Residence Co., Ltd., is advancing the development of The Parkhouse Shin-Urayasu Marine Villa,*1 which meets the net-zero-energy house (ZEH-M Ready),*2 standards for condominiums, a first for Mitsubishi Estate Residence’s The Parkhouse condominium series. This property has been awarded a five-star rating (the highest evaluation) under BELS for raising the energy-efficiency performance of the building and creating its own energy using solar power generation and other systems as well as for realizing a 50% reduction in its primary energy*3 consumption.

*1 Sections 1 and 2 are scheduled for completion in early October 2021 and early August 2022, respectively.

*2 Net-zero-energy house standards for condominiums refer to a type of residence that aims to offset its annual primary energy consumption, for which graded standards have been set for reducing primary energy consumption.

*3 Primary energy refers to petroleum, natural gas, sunlight, and other naturally derived energy sources. Primary energy consumption is calculated based on heating and cooling, ventilation, lighting, hot water supply, and five other categories.

Picture: The Parkhouse Shin-Urayasu Marine Villa

The Parkhouse Shin-Urayasu Marine Villa